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Retail Boxes

What are you waiting for? Grab your choice custom retail boxes now! Before the time comes to an end and our best promotions start disappearing avail it! We at GoTo Packaging authorize our clients to customize every retail packaging detail from retail boxes material to the size, designs, and layouts to achieve eye-catching retail boxes. So, do not wait anymore and book your retail boxes now!

However, our Chat Support is always there to assist you and ready to deal with you in the most professional way. Do you need help regarding retail packaging design? Our retail packaging experts can help you FREE of cost. So, avail of our retail boxes services now…!

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What is Retail Packaging? Retail packaging is a procedure of encasing diverse products into retail boxes before selling. However, it assumes an important part of the organizations that make and offer diverse retail products.

Hence, this procedure helps some outstanding businesses to sell their retail products since the retail packing and appearance of a product draws in customer’s attention first and helps the businesses to make their retail products sell based on their retail packaging.

Retail packaging plays an important part in showcasing the retail product. The retail packing of any item incorporates outlining the structure of a retail box and the item.

We at GoTo Packaging make retail boxes innovatively by adopting realistic designing and planning abilities. The critical thing that any manufacturing business requests from a packaging organization are the supply of retail packing services all through the production. We are a U.S.A based organization that gives your retail products a solid retail box.

There are three major types of retail packaging. However, it can be your gift wrap retail boxes, your retail jewelry boxes, or printed retail boxes for your business.

Let’s have a quick look at major types of retail packaging:

Rigid Retail Boxes

Rigid retail boxes are best if you’re going to use them for retail gift boxes. The main difference between retail folding cartons and rigid retail boxes is that these boxes are handmade. This rigid retail box comprises of no tabs, so it cannot be interlocked or flattened by opening the tabs.

Do you know? The rigid retail boxes are strong in structure, and quality adhesives are used for manufacturing these custom retail boxes. Moreover, the rigid retail material boxes don’t get folded or collapsed like folding cartons. You can use these retail boxes for encasing high- standard products like iPhone, etc.

Additionally, you can utilize these rigid retail boxes as retail jewelry boxes or as retail gift boxes. We offer enticing features for adding on the retail box like foiling, spot UV, stickers, embossing, and debossing to make retail boxes look appealing. However, you can get rigid retail boxes in different designs and shapes according to your choice.

Corrugated Retail Boxes

Corrugated retail boxes comprise of hard texture than normal cardboard retail boxes. They are also known as shipping retail boxes because they amazingly handle the pressure of transportation and weight of the product. Are you thinking about how? Because corrugated retail boxes are not single layered boxes. However, they have an extra layer that is zig-zag in shape and helps in handling the pressure from outside when used for shipment purposes.

So, you can encase your delicate retail products, in this type of retail box. We offer awesome retail boxes printing options in diverse colors. In order to know further types in corrugated retail boxes, you can get a complete guide from our team experts. These retail boxes are commonly known as brown cardboard retail boxes as well.

Folding Cartons Retail Boxes

The folding cartons are different from shopping bags and are not as thick as corrugated retail boxes. You can customize the thickness of retail folding cartons as per the requirement of the product you need to put in them. These custom retail packaging designs are perfect for your small retail products or for retail display boxes.

However, the best thing about these retail boxes for packaging is that they can be made custom made in different retail boxes styles. You can always choose the retail box style of your choice, requirements, printing, and other details that you desire in your retail packaging.

The retail folding cartons are popular as paperboard cartons. Hence, this is the most popular and common type of retail packaging that often can be seen at retail stores.

Popular Retail Packaging Styles

Let’s run through some popular retail box styles you can choose from:

Regular Slotted Retail Boxes

These retail boxes comprise of box flaps that meet in the middle. However, you will require tape to close it.

Full Over Lap Retail Boxes

This retail box style consumes more material and has flaps that go all the way across. However, these retail boxes are stronger since the extra material reinforces the retail box.

Tuck End Retail Boxes

It includes roll end top tuck or roll end front tuck. However, these retail boxes have a flap that’s easy to open and close.

Literature Mailer Retail Boxes

These retail boxes are shipped flat and are assembled easily.

Auto Bottom Retail Boxes

These retail boxes assembled easily. However, they are folded down easily, and no tape adhesive is required.

Tuck Flap Bottom Retail Boxes

These retail boxes are less expensive, but take a little extra time to congregate.

Tab Lock Retail Boxes

This style retail box has a little tab that fits in, giving you added product protection.

Multi-Depth Retail Boxes

This style retail box is achieved by cutting and folding boxes to the needed size, which will save you money on shipping costs.

Double-Wall Retail Boxes

You can utilize this style retail box for encasing heavy items.

Corrugated Cargo Retail Boxes

These retail box styles are good for large bulk shipments of smaller items.

Benefits of Retail Boxes

Following are the benefits of Using Custom Retail Boxes:

  • Retail Boxes Are Flexible in Sizes
  • You Can Save A Good Amount of Money by Availing Custom Retail Boxes
  • Retail Packaging Creates A Good Environment Impact
  • Retail Boxes Enhances the Image of Product
  • The Custom Retail Packaging Helps to Inject Your Name in Customer’s Head
  • The Customize Retail Boxes Keep You Above and Different in The Market from Others

Why Choose Us for Retail Boxes?

Our GoTo Packaging team is skilled enough to offer you unique retail packaging. We focus on differentiating a particular brand from the others in the industry by providing awesome retail boxes. However, we are offering affordable retail packaging for the manufacturers and therefore charging the lowest market rate.

Our retail boxes are beautiful and functional, made with the best method to engage customers. You can’t deny the powerful visual impact of our retail packaging. We offer personalized retail packaging patterns to drive other customers and appreciate your sales.

Our retail boxes customization offers extreme flexibility and freedom. However, you can freely choose the retail boxes design, color, print, and shapes according to your choice. We offer to add your logos, slogans, taglines, and product detail on the retail boxes attractively. Our packaging experts customize the size of retail boxes according to the product dimensions and prevent material wastage.

We are offering the best custom retail boxes at an affordable price range. So, get our retail packaging experts consultation for upgrading your business today.


Custom retail boxes keep your company’s emblem, brand statement, and product basics to a minimum. This increases brand awareness in a large market and increases brand loyalty for e-commerce brands.

Yes, we offer ecologically friendly packaging for your brand that can be recycled and reused.

Our corrugated sheets are the finest for increased product protection, durability, and strength. However, all of our standard styles are built to last.

Dividers, holders, sleeves, sliders, and any other inserts you require for your product line are available from us.

Yes, our customized package boxes are waterproof. Furthermore, they are made to withstand any type of adverse environmental factor, such as heat, humidity, and so on.

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