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E-Commerce Boxes

Would you like to see more people shop with you online? Do you want your customers to think more highly of your goods?  Our e-commerce packaging options offer the ideal unboxing experience designed to strengthen your brand and improve the appeal of your products.  A great shopping experience and recurring business can be ensured with the use of high-quality and well-designed e-commerce packaging.  We at GoTo Packaging can work with you to design and print eye-catching, high-quality E-Commerce packaging for your products that will help you accomplish these objectives in the most affordable way possible.

E-Commerce Mailer Boxes

E-commerce Packaging – An Ideal Packaging

The purchasing trend has started to move more toward Internet retailers over the past several years. Its best feature is the convenience of internet shopping without having to leave your house. 

You require secure packaging to keep your product safe. E-commerce packaging boxes are made using a secure packing design. These boxes will deliver your merchandise safely, so you can rely on them. These boxes excel in two key areas: attractive presentation and robustness. To deliver your product safely across great distances, the packaging must be sturdy and long-lasting. Your product gains value via presentation, which also strengthens your brand’s message. As a result, it matters a lot for your package.


There are numerous sorts of e-commerce boxes. One of the common types of boxes used by internet retailers is the mailer. You can also choose an alternative box type as long as it is secure enough to transport your goods.

Many Options of Materials Are Available

The quality of the material utilized when creating bespoke E-Commerce boxes is essential. Because many products need to be handled carefully since they are fragile. As a result, they are provided with safety by employing strong retail packaging that was made only for them. GoTo Packing offers a range of solutions to its clients as a consequence. Pick the one that best fits your circumstances from among them. The package contains the following things:


  • Kraft Packaging
  • e-commerce cardboard boxes
  • Bux-Board Packaging               
  • e-commerce corrugated packaging


These custom retail packing boxes are made up of the following parts. E-Flute corrugated cardboard should be used to make wholesale custom shipment boxes. Because they are able to transport multiple small retail eCommerce boxes safely. Eco-Kraft, however, excels in creating distinctive boxes for nearby businesses. This type of retail packaging is best suited for portable products because it can allow hanging displays. It is advisable to use cardboard boxes when moving bulk boxes and cardboard boxes to commercial locations.

Get Unique Packaging With E-Commerce Cardboard Boxes

Uniquely packaged cardboard boxes for eCommerce are, in fact, a more secure choice. It offers multiple layers of protection while being more affordable than comparable items. Popular businesses often produce their products as a single seamless unit. Our e-commerce cardboard packaging boxes come in both white and brown varieties.


The materials used to create the brown variants are all recycled. They benefit both the environment and the viability of your company’s finances. Our cardboard boxes will benefit the environment while enhancing the reputation of your business. Our premium boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard, which is also strong. Your possessions will travel securely and unharmed, and they’ll be in excellent shape when they get there. In addition to being beautifully created, our cardboard box packaging for e-commerce can help you project a favorable picture of your business.

Almost Endless Variation In Size And Form

Many customers experience sizing problems with custom retail packaging bags. The GoTo packaging issue has been resolved. Custom e-commerce packaging is available in any size or layout. The box can be changed to fit your selling bundle’s specifications. In addition, we have added something unique to these retail packaging boxes. The settings can now be changed to your preference. They can be built into any size commerce box you need, from little to large.

In addition to the conventional sizes, we offer a wide variety of custom-printed e-commerce box types. The visual language of the boxes gives rise to these forms. You are free to decide on one based on what is needed for your specific box.


  • PVC Packaging Boxes 
  • Embossed 
  • Die-Cut Windows

From the menu up there, you can select from a number of box designs. You can select either choice, depending on the requirements of your goods. Wholesale gift boxes can look more exquisite by embossing them. Raised ink packaging can also be used to make eye-catching retail packaging.

Embedding of Logos

Customers who purchase bespoke eCommerce Cardboard Boxes from GoTo Packaging can choose what they want to print on them. It’s possible to print the name of your brand or an image that represents it. It is also possible to personalize exclusive retail boxes with a company’s emblem and other details.

Extensive Selection of Illuminating Finishes

Your eCommerce Cardboard Boxes’ professional gloss is provided by the finish. GoTo packaging offers a number of coating options, so you may customize the appearance of your bulk commerce boxes any way you like. Examples of these coatings include the following:


  • Matte Finish
  • Gloss Finish
  • Gold and silver
  • Spot UV


If you sell your products in online gift boxes, spot UV will give them a sparkling appearance. It will ultimately persuade the customer. Additionally, if you want your product to shimmer, choose a gloss finish. Finally, we provide gold and silver finishing to make your products look incredibly regal.

Why Choose Us:

For a number of reasons, GoTo Packaging is a great option for Custom Printed E-commerce Shipping Boxes. First off, they provide a variety of packing alternatives that can be customized and are specially made for e-commerce companies. You can do this to make boxes that adhere to your own branding and product specifications. Second, GoTo Packaging guarantees top-notch components and construction to give your goods durability and protection while in transportation. Their packaging is made to endure the stresses of handling and transportation. GoTo Packaging is a dependable partner for E-Commerce enterprises looking for effective packaging solutions because of their competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and dependable customer service.


Our boxes are built to last. They survive the rigors of transportation due to reinforced structures and premium materials, guaranteeing your contents remain undamaged and presentable upon arrival.

At GoTo Packaging, there are no limits to customization. Our E-Commerce Boxes may be designed to meet your unique corporate identity, from size and design to branding features, leaving a distinctive impression on your clients.

Say goodbye to time-consuming assembly procedures! Our E-Commerce Boxes are designed for simple setup, allowing you to expedite your packing process and focus on what really matters: your products and consumers.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with the selection process. We recognize that each product is unique, and we’re here to help you find the ideal packaging solution.

Certainly! Order a sample to see the quality for yourself. We understand how important it is to make an educated decision, and we are convinced that our boxes will exceed your expectations.

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