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Custom Printed Pizza Boxes

Pizza is a spicy, delicious, juicy, and globally popular fast food. This delectable dish has become increasingly popular worldwide in recent times. Furthermore, there is no objection to chowing down on bizarre pizzas in an assortment of flavors. Furthermore, it is becoming a necessary component of birthday celebrations, bridal showers, schools, and families. Everyone, young or old, loves pizza for these kinds of events or festivals. People like ordering pizza for delivery or takeaway. It follows that you must hold onto them till your customers taste this delicious product. 

Custom size Blank Pizza Boxes

Protect Your Delicious Pizza from Warming Up with High-Quality Materials

Making sure your pizza is hot and fresh when serving it to consumers is essential to serving them the ideal slice. We recognize how crucial it is to use premium pizza boxes to maintain the flavor of your culinary creations. Our wide selection of pizza boxes is made to meet your individual requirements and offers a dependable way to maintain your pizzas’ ideal temperature while they are being delivered.

Cardboard Pizza Boxes

Strong and dependable packing is offered by our cardboard pizza boxes, which are made from high-quality materials. Because of its thickness, the cardboard retains heat within the box, preventing your pizza from cooling down too quickly. The sturdy design guarantees that the box keeps its shape while transporting, avoiding any spills or catastrophes.

Kraft Pizza Boxes

Our kraft pizza boxes are a great option for people who value environmentally responsible packaging. These recycled-material boxes have good insulating qualities in addition to helping to maintain a sustainable environment. Kraft material’s natural fibers aid in temperature regulation, guaranteeing that your pizza stays warm and delicious until it arrives at your customers’ doors.

Corrugated Pizza Boxes

These are the best choices if you want extra strength and durability. An additional layer of insulation is provided by the corrugated layers, which also act as a barrier against the elements. Because of this, they are perfect for longer delivery routes, guaranteeing that your pizza will always remain enticingly warm.

Bux Board Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes made of bux board are known for their durability and style. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these boxes provide superior insulation, ensuring that your pizza stays warm and fresh. Buxboard is a great option for upscale pizza restaurants since it gives your pizza packaging a sophisticated touch.

Different Categories of Pizza Boxes 

The correct packaging is essential to delivering the ideal pizza. We are aware of the various requirements that pizzerias, eateries, and food delivery services have. For this reason, we provide a large selection of pizza boxes made to fit various pizza shapes and sizes. Look through our extensive categories to discover the ideal pizza box for your particular needs.

  • Blank Pizza Boxes

We provide your logo with a blank canvas with our blank pizza boxes. These boxes are ideal for giving your package a unique touch. You may display your logo, tagline, or any creative design to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

  • Mini Pizza Boxes

Designed to showcase the appeal of personal-sized pizzas, these boxes are perfect for serving smaller quantities or individual-sized pizzas. With no loss of freshness or quality, these boxes are ideal for meeting the rising demand for individual servings.

  • Round Pizza Boxes

Savor the classic attraction of round pizzas with our specifically designed round pizza boxes. These boxes give your pizza display a little something authentic in addition to being useful. These come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for classic diners and pizzerias.

  • Frozen Pizza Boxes

With our specially designed frozen pizza boxes, you can ensure that your frozen pizzas arrive in perfect condition to your consumers. These boxes are designed to withstand freezing temperatures and keep your frozen pizzas intact while being transported and stored.

  • Generic Pizza Boxes

Our generic pizza boxes work well with a variety of pizza styles and are adaptable. These boxes are a great option for companies that provide a variety of pizzas because they have a neat and polished appearance. To meet your unique demands, they come in a variety of sizes.

  • Flatbread Pizza Boxes

In response to the growing demand for flatbread pizzas, our boxes are made to highlight the distinctive qualities of this fashionable pizza kind. Flatbreads fit snugly into these boxes, guaranteeing that they reach their destination undamaged.

  • Detroit-Style Pizza Boxes

These uniquely designed Detroit-style pizza boxes will help you capture the flavor of these delicious pizzas. These boxes offer a safe and fashionable way to package pizzas that have the characteristic square form of Detroit-style pizzas.

  • 7-Inch Pizza Boxes

Our 7-inch pizza boxes are ideal for small-sized pizzas or individual servings, providing a snug fit for your delectable creations. These boxes are a common option for companies trying to satisfy clients who want smaller serving sizes.

  • 12-inch Pizza Boxes

Our 12-inch pizza boxes cater to conventional pizza sizes. Medium-sized pizzas fit well in these boxes, which also guarantees that they stay hot and fresh when delivered.

  • 14-Inch Pizza Boxes

Our 14-inch pizza boxes are designed to hold large pizzas, making them an excellent alternative for businesses that specialize in family-sized pizzas. Your pizzas’ integrity and temperature are preserved in these boxes, guaranteeing your customers’ happiness.

  • 16-Inch Pizza Boxes

These 16-inch pizza boxes are the ideal option for those large and decadent pizzas. These boxes are perfect for parties and special events because they have enough room to hold extra-large pizzas.

Colourful Printing Techniques for Pizza Boxes

An effective printing method may make all the difference in the world when it comes to having your pizza boxes stand out and make an impact. GoTo Packaging provides eye-catching printing choices that enhance your pizza boxes’ aesthetic appeal and make them a living, breathing representation of your business.

Digital Printing

Applying our digital printing process, you can harness the potential of digital accuracy. Using this technique, you may highlight your brand imagery with minute details, vibrant colors, and high-resolution graphics. With the use of digital printing, you can create unique and eye-catching designs for your pizza boxes that will preserve and enhance your brand with eye-catching graphics.

Offset Printing

Set up our offset printing method to produce results that are consistent and professional. Offset printing, renowned for its exceptional color reproduction and crisp images, guarantees that your pizza boxes will always seem professional and well-put together. With its ability to provide economical solutions without sacrificing print quality, this approach is ideal for bigger volumes.

Add-Ons to Improve the Quality of Pizza Boxes

Enhance the presentation of your pizzas with our premium add-on options. These improvements not only raise the general caliber of your pizza boxes but also help your clients have an enjoyable unwrapping experience.


By using embossing, you can give your pizza boxes a dimensional and tactile touch. By raising particular portions of the package, this approach produces a textured and eye-catching look. By adding a sophisticated touch, embossing makes your pizza boxes stand out from the competition.


Debossing is a subtle yet effective design aspect to think about. Using this technique, you may create a sunken impression by indenting particular portions of the pizza box. Debossing improves the overall appearance of your packaging by adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping may help your brand stand out. In order to provide a glossy and striking finish, this method entails putting metallic foils on certain portions of the pizza box. Adding a luxurious touch to your pizza package is easy with hot stamping.

Spot UV

Spot UV treatment draws attention to certain design components and produces a shiny, elevated impression. By applying a layer of transparent gloss to specific regions, this technique contrasts glossy and matte surfaces. Spot UV gives the covered areas resilience in addition to improving their aesthetic appeal.

Matte Coating

Applying a matte coating can give your surface a refined, silky appearance. By adding a non-reflective surface, you can give your pizza boxes a sophisticated, understated look. In addition to improving the tactile experience, matte coating goes well with many different design motifs.

Gloss Coating

Add gloss coating to bring out the colors in your pizza box design. This choice gives the box a glossy, reflective surface that highlights vibrant colors and gives it a polished appearance. Your pizza boxes will look better and feel more durable with a gloss finish.

Why Us:

Experience unmatched quality, adaptability, and personalization when you use GoTo Packaging for pizza boxes. Our pizza boxes come in a variety of sizes, designs, and printing options and are well-manufactured. GoTo Packaging guarantees that your pizzas are not only delivered but also presented elegantly, making a lasting impression. They do this by being dedicated to perfection.


Pizza boxes are typically made from corrugated cardboard, a lightweight and sturdy material that helps retain heat and prevent the pizza from getting soggy. Some boxes may also have a thin layer of wax or a similar coating to enhance moisture resistance.

Most pizza boxes are recyclable, but it’s essential to remove any leftover food, grease, or cheese before recycling. Contaminated boxes can’t be recycled because the grease and food particles can interfere with the recycling process. Check with your local recycling guidelines to ensure proper disposal.

Pizza boxes that are free from contaminants can be composted in facilities that accept cardboard products. However, if the box has a plastic coating or any non-compostable elements, it’s best to remove those parts before composting. Always refer to your local composting guidelines for specific instructions.

Yes, sustainability is one of our main values. Our pizza boxes are constructed from recyclable, environmentally friendly materials.

We are dedicated to quality, creativity, and client happiness as the top manufacturer of custom pizza boxes in the US. When you select us, you are selecting a partner who is committed to the achievement of your company’s goals.

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