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Custom Printed Cone Sleeves


Cone sleeves are protective coverings or holders designed specifically for ice cream cones. They are usually made of paper or cardboard and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Cone sleeves help keep hands clean while holding ice cream cones, preventing melting ice cream from making a mess. Additionally, they add a layer of insulation, making it more comfortable to hold the cold treat.

Yes, Goto Packaging offer customizable cone sleeves. You can add your logo, brand colors, or other designs to promote your brand or create a unique look for special events.

Many cone sleeves are made from eco-friendly materials like recycled paper or cardboard. Always check the product description or packaging for information on the materials used.

While cone sleeves are commonly used for ice cream cones, they can also be used for other types of cones, such as waffle cones or snack cones, depending on the size and design of the sleeve.

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