Custom Printed Cone Sleeves

Are you trying to find a way to differentiate your ice cream cones? Now, let’s discuss cone sleeves. For your ice cream business, we offer you superior quality custom-printed cone sleeves. Why, therefore, do you require them? Easy. These are minor adjustments that have a significant impact.  

Taste is important, but presentation is just as important in an ice cream cone. A fashionable cone sleeve protects and enhances the appearance of your goods. Our Ice Cream Cone Sleeves with custom printing cover the bottom of the cone to prevent ice cream from melting. Profitable printed designs are therefore crucial to giving the consumer a better, more pleasurable experience.

Selecting the material for custom cone sleeves is a crucial initial step in creating customized sleeves. Therefore, we provide a range of possibilities from which you can choose. 


We provide premium security for your waffle and high-quality, long-lasting bespoke cone sleeve packaging. Choose our sturdy cone sleeve packaging to easily protect the ice cream waffle. 


Excellent material is available from our company to make cone sleeves. The degree of protection you wish to guarantee will determine the material selection. Therefore, you are able to adjust the cone sleeves’ thickness for environmental friendliness. As a result, our packaging specialists consistently dazzle our clients with their elegant waffle cone packaging.


The most economical materials for cone sleeve packing are kraft and paper. It is adequate for carrying and shielding the wafer of ice cream.


Furthermore, cardboard is a material that can easily molded into any shape. With this material, it’s simple to form the ice cream cone package sleeve into the ideal shape. Therefore, you can adjust the Ice Cream cone wrapper sleeves’ thickness to suit your demands.


Cone sleeve material made of Kraft is the better choice due to its eco-friendly qualities. This substance is biodegradable as a result. Additionally, our professionals may adjust the cone sleeve thickness to suit your needs. Furthermore, we provide reasonably priced wholesale cone sleeves. In order to elevate the appearance of your regular waffles, we now provide waffle cone paper sleeves.

Different Categories of Cone Sleeves

Cone Sleeves from GoTo Packaging will help you up your cone packaging game. We know how important it is to make a statement in addition to safeguarding your delectable delights. Our cone sleeves are made to improve your cones’ usability and aesthetic appeal. Look through our many categories to discover the ideal match for your particular requirements.

Waffle Cone Sleeves

Savor the timeless appeal of Waffle Cone Sleeves, which offer nostalgia in addition to protecting your waffle cones. These carefully crafted sleeves ensure that your waffle cones stay intact and that your customers savor every crispy bite thanks to their snug fit.

Sugar Cone Sleeves

Our Sugar Cone Sleeves provide a lovely blend of elegance and functionality for those indulgent occasions. These sleeves are meant to improve the way your sugar cones look and taste, giving them a visual feast in addition to a delicious pleasure.

Black Cone Sleeves

Our Black Cone Sleeves will make a striking impression. Your cone packing gets a little more sophisticated with these elegant sleeves. These elegant black sleeves are perfect for people who wish to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Two-color Cone Sleeves

Two-color Cone Sleeves will give your cone packing a pop of color. These vibrant, eye-catching sleeves are a fun way to highlight the unique individuality of your brand. Use this vibrant and eye-catching alternative to make your cones stand out and draw in customers.

White Cone Sleeves

Our White Cone Sleeves are the ideal option if you want a classic and tidy appearance. With their understated elegance and simplicity, these sleeves let your cones steal the show. Because it goes well with any branding, the neutral tone is a flexible choice for a variety of aesthetics.

Crepe Cone Packaging

Experience the world of thin, delicate crepe cone packaging. Our sleeves are made to gently cradle your pancake cones so they arrive at your clients’ locations in ideal shape. Enhance the pleasure of consuming pancake cones by using packaging that reflects the sophistication of your dishes.

Custom Printed Coffee Sleeves

Custom Printed Coffee Sleeves can be used to personalize your cone packing. Put your brand’s emblem, tagline, or artwork on these sleeves to create a canvas that expresses your individuality. With each cone you serve, make a lasting impact and increase brand recognition.

Add-Ons Finishing Techniques on Cone Sleeves

Enhance the visual attractiveness of your cone packaging with GoTo Packaging’s proprietary add-on finishing Techniques. Our Cone Sleeves are a creative canvas in addition to offering practical protection. Examine our selection of finishing methods to give your cone sleeves an extra dash of refinement and individuality.


Your cone sleeves will look and feel more impressive when they are embossed. By raising some parts of the sleeve, this method adds depth and texture. Embossed Cone Sleeves provide your packaging with a distinctive and upscale feel by capturing the attention of the eye as well as the sensation of touch.


Try debossing on your cone sleeves for a little but effective touch. Using this method, a depressed effect is produced by pressing an image or pattern into the material. Debossed cone sleeves provide your packaging with a subtle, sophisticated look that makes it stand out. They also lend a sense of elegance and class.

Hot Stamping

Applying a foil or metallic finish to certain portions of your cone sleeves through hot stamping will improve their visual attractiveness. This technique produces an opulent and striking look that adds a little glitz to your cone packing. For firms hoping to leave a lasting impression, hot stamped cone sleeves are ideal.


Apply foiling to your cone sleeves to add a pop of color. This method creates a bright, reflective surface by applying a thin layer of colored or metallic foil to certain regions. Foiled Cone Sleeves are a great option for brands looking to project a premium image since they radiate exclusivity and luxury.

Die Cuts

Die cuts are a great way to add creativity to your cone sleeves. This method makes it possible to remove complex patterns and shapes from the sleeve, producing a distinctive and visually striking design. Die-cut Cone Sleeves build excitement and anticipation by showcasing your brand’s inventiveness and giving a sneak peek at the delectable delicacies within.

Coating Techniques for Cone Sleeves

our sophisticated coating processes can improve the visual and tactile appeal of your cone packaging. Our Cone Sleeves come in a range of coating options that add refinement to the product in addition to providing excellent protection. Learn about coatings and how they can make your cone sleeves seem even better.

UV Coating

Enjoy a bright and glossy appearance thanks to UV coating. This method improves the colors of your cone sleeves while simultaneously adding a layer of protection. The end effect is a highly reflective surface that draws attention and gives your packaging a more upscale appearance.

Matte Coating

Matte Coating is a classy and understated touch. With this method, a sophisticated non-reflective finish can be achieved. Ideal for people who want their cone sleeves to look more subtle and modern.

Gloss Coating

Gloss Coating will make your cone sleeves sparkle. By adding a shiny and glossy sheen, this process enhances color vibrancy and produces a polished look. Perfect for people who want a bold statement from their packaging.

Varnish Coating

Varnish Coating adds a protective layer and a touch of shine. This method not only protects your cone sleeves but also adds a soft sheen to your packing, making it look more appealing overall.

Soft-Touch Coating

Experience the luscious feel of Soft-Touch Coating. By using this technique, you can make your cone sleeves feel velvety and tactile, enticing customers to interact with them. This elegant coating will enhance the whole sensory experience and create a lasting impression.

Film Coating

By using film coating, you may combine strength and aesthetic appeal. In addition to adding a tiny layer of protection, this procedure leaves your cone sleeves looking polished and smooth. Ideal for people who value style and functionality equally.

Why Choose Our Services?

For your various types of cones, GoTo Packaging offers the best cone sleeves. Our company will improve your sales experience with its highly renowned boxing standards; we are only a phone call away. Choose the ideal cone sleeves for your company with the free aid of our knowledgeable designers and support staff.  


In order to provide a convenient experience, we provide the fastest turnaround time, free delivery throughout the United States, free design support, and many more benefits. Get a free quote now to take advantage of special discounts. 


Cone sleeves are protective coverings or holders designed specifically for ice cream cones. They are usually made of paper or cardboard and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Cone sleeves help keep hands clean while holding ice cream cones, preventing melting ice cream from making a mess. Additionally, they add a layer of insulation, making it more comfortable to hold the cold treat.

Yes, Goto Packaging offer customizable cone sleeves. You can add your logo, brand colors, or other designs to promote your brand or create a unique look for special events.

Many cone sleeves are made from eco-friendly materials like recycled paper or cardboard. Always check the product description or packaging for information on the materials used.

While cone sleeves are commonly used for ice cream cones, they can also be used for other types of cones, such as waffle cones or snack cones, depending on the size and design of the sleeve.

We are dedicated to quality, creativity, and client happiness as the top manufacturer of custom packaging boxes in the US. When you select us, you are selecting a partner who is committed to the achievement of your company’s goals.

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