Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

Ice cream cone sleeves are essential for giving makers the proper visibility. The customized cone sleeve is fairly priced and most likely the best marketing investment a company can make. GoTo Packaging provides affordable minimums and quick turnaround for custom cone sleeves.


We think beyond the box and produce cone sleeves that can advertise your business while keeping your cones fresh and crispy. They can provide you with personalized designs, a variety of sizes, and speedy turnaround times. With these personalized waffle cone sleeves, the ice cream cone will be able to stand out and catch customers’ eyes. These cone wrappers will encourage others to try your cones; if they enjoy them, they will spread the word about you and your company.

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premium Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

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Best Custom Printed Ice Cream Cone Sleeves & Packaging at Low Prices

All firms must ensure that their goods are kept in distinctive packaging and displayed attractively on the shelves. The businesses store their goods in specially created custom box sleeves, a novel packaging technique. GoTo Packaging offers a variety of goods and custom-printed cone sleeves for all of your needs. In order to retain products in attractive packaging that attracts customers, we provide firms with customized cone sleeves with changed constructions. To match the specifics of the goods, an item should be housed inside a remarkable unique box.

Your GoTo destination for Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves with Customization That works for your business

All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Printing Options
No Printing
Paper Stock Options
10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft
E-flute Corrugated
Bux Board
100 - 500,000
Coating Options
Spot UV
Process Options
Die Cutting
Style Options
Custom Window Cut Out
Gold/Silver Foiling
Raised Ink
PVC Sheet
Proof Options
Flat View
3D Mock-up
Physical Sampling (On request)
Turn Around Time
4-6 Business Days

Fantastically Attractive Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

Who doesn’t enjoy ice cream? According to our knowledge, everyone has an unbreakable bond with the dessert. It is a treat, so it doesn’t matter what your culture, race, age, gender, or any other characteristic is in the globe. It could stand for friendship, love, or any other kind of lovely connection that makes you feel alive.


Many of our childhood memories revolve around ice cream and ice cream shops. We cannot forget about receiving our favorite scoops of ice cream on a cone when we talk about ice cream. Even a decade ago, several companies had their own distinctive cone sleeves, but the practice was not all that common because the majority of local brands utilized generic cone sleeves.


Ice cream cones serve as a protective covering to shield the frozen treat from any outside harm. A custom cone sleeve’s value in preserving the cone’s original form and shape cannot be overstated.

What is the Use of a Custom Cone Sleeve?

Your ice cream will be protected throughout transport with the Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves. Ice cream cones can be swiftly produced in huge quantities and sold at markets. Customers can buy it as many times as they want without ever feeling restricted by a limited quantity.


These customized ice cream cone wraps are intended to keep your cones clean while also promoting your brand over time. To communicate your ideas and position your brand as the industry standard in new fields, you may also design your own unique cone sleeve.

GoTo Packaging Manufactures The Custom Cone Sleeve

You get the chance to observe the manufacturing process for our Tray boxes for ice creams at GoTo Packaging. Our bespoke cone sleeves are made using a high-quality process that starts with material selection and ends with texture finalization to guarantee that they are highly useful.

Packaging Material for Custom Cone Sleeves

We make waffle cone sleeves out of wooden cloth because we appreciate quality. To meet the needs of diverse products, this information is provided in a number of formats. While being able to produce huge quantities and little waste to promote a green atmosphere.

Kraft Material

For your packaging needs, our Kraft Ice Cream Cone Sleeves provide a natural and environmentally responsible choice. They are made from recycled materials and offer a rustic and lovely look while offering your cones the best possible protection. Your ice cream cones will stay whole and untouched because of their strong construction, which makes them resistant to moisture and grease.


For those seeking extra durability and strength, our Corrugated Ice Cream Cone Sleeves are the perfect choice. These sleeves, which have a multilayer construction and high toughness, are perfect for takeaway or delivery services. Your ice cream cones will stay cool, and heat transfer will be prevented thanks to the additional layer of insulation they give.


If you desire a sleek and professional look, our Cardstock Ice Cream Cone Sleeves are an excellent option. This high-end material offers a stable surface that is smooth and ideal for displaying your brand’s logo and colorful graphics. Your ice cream cones gain a touch of refinement from it, improving their aesthetic appeal and customer attraction.

Custom printing enhances your ice cream cone sleeves

We at GoTo Packaging use our superior printing talents to elevate your ice cream cone sleeves to new heights. Whether it’s a sweet polka dot design or unique cone sleeves bearing your logo, we can turn any idea into an exceptional visual look. Prepare to enthrall every consumer who enters your ice cream shop.


Our printing procedures fall into two categories, each of which produces outstanding outcomes:

Offset Printing

Our cutting-edge offset printing technique ensures flawless accuracy and color reproduction. This technique offers consistent and vivid graphics on your cone sleeves, making it ideal for orders of large quantities. It enables your brand to stand out with captivating designs that make an impact.

Digital Printing

Our digital printing is the best option for orders with lower quantities or designs that call for fine details. This innovative method provides prints with remarkable clarity and high resolution. Enjoy the simplicity of printing customized cone sleeves, which gives you the freedom to try out different designs and satisfy the tastes of particular clients.

Custom Cone Sleeves Printed With Logo

To make your product distinctive and recognizable to your customers, you can print your brand’s logo on Zipper boxes for ice creams. People remember your brand when they see it on your ice cream items, so when they return, they will immediately recognize your goods and purchase them.

Waffles Cone Sleeves Featuring Appetising Pictures

Additionally, you may print important information and pictures on the personalized wholesale ice cream cone wrappers while taking your clients’ tastes and propensities into account. If your cone ice cream is intended for children, you can print cartoon pictures and graphics on the container’s cover. 

Cone Sleeves with Playful Polka Designs

With our customized cone sleeves, you can add polka designs to your order in addition to printing your logo and alluring photographs. Your ice cream package will have a playful feel thanks to these exciting patterns. Polka designs printed on cone sleeves can add a fun and whimsical touch to your cone sleeves, whether you’re selling ice cream to children or adults, making your products more aesthetically appealing and welcoming.

Features Rich Add-Ons For Cone Sleeves in Wholesale

The custom waffle cone sleeves we make at GoTo are of the finest standard. We offer a choice of add-on elements to beautify the custom cone sleeves as a consequence. The following coating options are available for GoTO’s waffle cone sleeves:


  • Matte coating
  • Glossy coating
  • Satin coating
  • And some others


Each layer has benefits for its own line of ice cream products. Your cone sleeve differs from other ice cream products from other manufacturers on the retail market thanks to these features.

Why Choose Us:

One of the most well-known manufacturers of custom cone sleeves is GoTo Packaging. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and employ their brilliant ideas to produce eye-catching custom-printed cone sleeves that establish your business as a leader in the retail industry.

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