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Packaging Inserts

With GoTo Packaging Inserts, packaging perfection is entering a new era. Our ground-breaking inserts transform each package into an enthralling brand story, reinventing the unwrapping experience. Beyond supplying protection, these inserts serve as a blank canvas for the story of your business, providing a special chance to emotionally engage your target audience. Picture telling your customers about your brand’s journey, surprising them with exclusive incentives, or expressing your sincere gratitude—all inside the limits of a beautifully designed insert. Our inserts are designed to be versatile and work well with any box size or style, resulting in a professional presentation. Create a world of imagination and customization for your consumers so that every delivery is more than just a transaction but a special experience. With GoTo packaging inserts, you can improve your brand, leave a lasting impression, and make every unpacking an unforgettable experience.

Promote Your Brand Marketing with Custom Packaging Inserts

Making the path to a successful business is not for everyone. Many companies today struggle to increase sales because they can’t make an impact that will last! Look nowhere if you are dealing with the same difficulty. GoTo Packaging is available to help you resolve this problem.


The key to improving your “unboxing” experience is our custom box inserts. Imagine the joy on your consumers’ faces when they open your delivery and discover not just the things they ordered, but also a personalized touch.


By showcasing your brand’s history, core beliefs, and other items with our custom boxes with inserts, you can transform a routine delivery into a special occasion. With the help of our skillfully crafted inserts, you can cross-sell related products, provide special discounts, or just express your sincere gratitude.


This calculated strategy encourages recurring business and recommendations from word-of-mouth in addition to offering value. With our personalized inserts, you can maximize the marketing potential of your packaging and capitalize on the compelling unboxing experience. 

To Create Packaging Inserts, Use High-Quality Custom Insert Material

Explore our selection of box inserts intended to meet your packaging requirements. Our inserts offer the defense your products need against basic to complex materials.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are ideal for delicate goods like jewelry, glassware, and camera lenses since they are lightweight and scratch-resistant. Foam provides all-around protection and can be made to match any shape or size, ensuring that your products are tightly fitted. Profit from lower shipping prices while maintaining the security and safety of your goods.

Corrugated Cardboard Inserts

Corrugated cardboard, which is adaptable and eco-friendly, is frequently utilized in e-commerce. While offering only fair shipping protection, it stands out for its sustainability and capacity for premium printing. Enhance your unwrapping experience, communicate your brand’s story, and make sure your packages are delivered whole.

Molded Pulp and Plastic Inserts 

For accurate product accommodations, both solutions provide precision molding. Molded pulp is a preferred choice for firms that care about the environment because it excels in sustainability and protection. Plastic is better suited for specialized industries like medicine and food, where sanitation is of the utmost importance, despite being lightweight and readily moldable.


Find the ideal match for your packaging aspirations with our selection of foam and corrugated materials. Each solution has distinctive qualities that let you find the ideal mix between security, sustainability, and brand display. Custom packaging inserts made for your items will elevate your packaging strategy and guarantee that they reach clients in top condition.

Types of Packaging Inserts for Seamless Protection and Presentation

When it comes to packing, a product’s interior accuracy as well as its outward appeal distinguish it from the competition. We at GoTo Packaging are aware of how important packaging inserts are in protecting your items and improving their overall presentation. Discover our extensive selection of packaging inserts created to meet the demands of varied markets.

Custom Boxes with Eva Foam Inserts

Eva foam inserts offer secure, comfortable cushioning for fragile goods. These custom boxes with Eva foam inserts offer a secure fit and guard against any damage during transit because they are made to suit your product.

Custom Boxes with Soft Foam Inserts

Our custom boxes with soft foam inserts give a luxurious layer of protection for things that need to be handled gently. These inserts cushion shocks and vibrations, preserving the integrity of your products and being perfect for electronics, glassware, or any fragile things.

Paperboard Inserts

Paperboard inserts are a sustainable option for packaging since they combine durability and environmental friendliness. These inserts give your boxes shape and provide support and protection for a variety of products.

Rigid Chipboard Inserts

When durability is essential, choose hard chipboard inserts. These inserts give your products a strong base and ensure they arrive at their destination undamaged. They are ideal for high-end products or things with elaborate designs.

Pulp Packaging Inserts

Utilise pulp packaging inserts to embrace sustainability. These inserts, which are made from recycled materials, provide a sustainable option without sacrificing security. Ideal for environmentally aware businesses seeking to have an impact.

Custom Mailer Boxes With Inserts

Custom mailer boxes with inserts can enhance the unboxing experience. They not only safeguard your goods but also provide a touch of sophistication and surprise, making a positive impression on your clients.

Product Packaging Inserts

With our general-purpose product packaging inserts, flexibility and accuracy are combined. These inserts are made to match different product shapes and sizes, ensuring a tight fit and the best protection for everything from cosmetics to devices.

Bottle Product Inserts

Our bottle product inserts are designed specifically for bottles of all shapes and sizes and offer a safe and attractive solution. Put your concerns about breaking during delivery to rest and say hello to a flawless presentation when you arrive.

Add-Ons For Packaging Inserts

To make your package inserts more appealing and functional, including these fascinating add-ons:


Whatever the format, create intriguing inserts that complement the packaging of your products.

Foil Stamping

By adding a touch of richness and elegance, metallic or holographic foils will significantly increase the visual impact of your inserts.

Spot UV Coating

By emphasizing specific areas of your artwork with a glossy and raised appearance, you may produce an impressive contrast between glossy and matte.


To create a more attractive presentation, raise logos or design elements on your inserts.


A quick and easy approach to making a large impression with your inserts is to add debossing, which is similar to embossing but produces a sunken aspect.

Foldable Inserts

When space is at a premium, foldable inserts that open to reveal more information or display a variety of goods are a perfect solution.

Window Cutout

Without having to open the insert, use window cuts to showcase your products or give rapid access to crucial information.


With the help of these extras, you can create package inserts that stand out, promote your products, and leave a lasting impression. Choose the accessories that enhance the look and objectives of the packaging for your brand to give your inserts a creative and useful boost.

Why Choose Us:

GoTo Packaging is unique in the field of Packaging Inserts due to its dedication to excellence and personalization. Their inserts improve brand display as well as product protection. GoTo Packaging ensures sustainable solutions without sacrificing design with a focus on eco-friendly materials. They are the go-to option for companies looking to make a lasting impression through smart and secure packaging inserts thanks to the seamless fusion of creativity and dependability.


Yes. If you don’t already have one, we can make one for you using the measurements you give us. You can also send us a sample of your items so that we can create inserts that are specifically tailored to match them. Your products will fit into your boxes securely and won’t move around during shipment if the inserts are well-designed. Please get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries or if you would like more details.

Corrugated inserts are created specifically to fit your box out of corrugated cardboard. They are strong and provide fantastic product protection during handling and delivery.

Compared to other custom foam or corrugated inserts, cardboard inserts are thinner. If you’re searching for an inexpensive insert to add to your package, cardboard inserts are a fine option even if they don’t provide the same level of protection as foam or corrugated inserts.

We are able to create a wide variety of box inserts. Send your specifications to us, and we’ll be pleased to create a free mockup for your evaluation and recommend the best kind of insert material. The various box insert types that we can create are listed in part below:


  • Corrugated Inserts
  • Plastic Tray Inserts
  • Cardboard Inserts
  • Foam Inserts

The minimum order quantity for inserts is not required, though. You are free to order any number of inserts. If you would want a sample to evaluate the fit before committing to a larger order, ordering a few inserts is ideal.

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