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Custom Rigid Boxes

Attracting customers’ interest through packaging is important in the competitive commercial enterprise globally. When it comes to energy, adaptability, and fashion, our top-rate collection of rigid boxes is the proper packaging choice. 

These specialty rigid packaging packing boxes are expertly made to fulfill your unique requirements and offer extremely good protection for your goods. By using our alternatives for wholesale packaging, you can stay less expensive without compromising on excellence.

custom rigid boxes wholesale

Rigid Boxes will Protect Your Valuables Every Step of The Way

When it comes to excellent packaging, sturdiness is vital. Our rigid boxes at GoTo Packaging are resistant to coping with transportation abuses. This ensures that your items will tour appropriately and undamaged. Our custom rigid packaging boxes offer an additional layer of protection while shipping breakables like glassware or sensitive electronic gadgets. This will guard your priceless possessions from potential harm. These present packaging packaging boxes are made from top-class materials and are impervious to moisture, effects, and different environmental elements. You can relaxation easy understanding that your clients might be happy.

Explore Elegance with Our Rigid Boxes Collection

Our diverse range of Rigid Boxes represents the pinnacle of sophistication and durability in packaging. At GoTo Packaging, we take great satisfaction in offering products that are innovative and of the highest quality, making an impression that lasts.

Two-Piece Rigid Boxes 

These boxes combine elegance and simplicity in their design. These boxes offer a flexible solution for a range of products because they have a separate lid and base. Our 2 Piece Rigid Boxes are a classy option for retail settings or for packing fragile items because they are strong and visually pleasing.

Luxury Rigid Packaging

Our Luxury Rigid Packaging options will help you elevate your brand. These boxes are more than just containers because they were made with care and precision. They make a statement. Sturdy construction and luxurious finishes guarantee that your products arrive in packaging worthy of them.

Magnetic Rigid Boxes

Your packaging looks even more sophisticated when you use magnetic rigid boxes. The safe magnetic closure adds a touch of luxury and improves the user experience. These boxes offer a smooth combination of aesthetics and functionality, making them perfect for high-end products.

Rigid Apparel Boxes

Your apparel should be packaged with the same elegance as the items inside. Our rigid apparel boxes provide a protective and eye-catching display, and they are made to match your clothing line. These boxes make sure that your clothing, even delicate fabrics like shirts, stands out.

Rigid Candle Boxes

Let your brand shine with our rigid candle boxes. The purpose of these boxes is to safely cradle fragile candles to guard against damage while in transit. These boxes’ visual appeal gives your candle products more value, which makes them ideal for retail display or gifting.

Rigid Gift Boxes With Lids:

Rigid Gift Boxes with Lids celebrate the art of gift-giving. These boxes are a canvas for imaginative personalization in addition to providing a safe haven for your gifts. With our magnificent collection, you can add a little something extra to any occasion.

Rigid Setup Boxes

Rigid Setup Boxes combine efficiency and elegance. These boxes are a great option for companies searching for quick and fashionable packaging solutions because they are easy to assemble. The sturdy design guarantees that your merchandise always stays safe and attractive.


Collapsible Rigid Boxes:

Our Collapsible Rigid Boxes offer the ideal balance of convenience and luxury. These boxes offer ease of storage along with the strength of rigid packaging. When needed, these boxes unfold into a stunning presentation, making them perfect for businesses with limited space.

Flexible Printing Techniques for Rigid Boxes

It goes without saying that gifts always have some writing on them. Anything similar, like a birthday note with best wishes. Something has to be printed on this.  You can choose from three different printing techniques at GoTo Packaging for your personalized rigid packaging. These are the names they go by:


  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Flexography Printing

For your small rigid boxes, our platform offers the printing processes listed above. You can print anything you want using these printing techniques. You are free to write anything you wish. You can print your brand or logo on it if you sell retail products. Additionally, you are free to choose any pattern or cartoon image that you like. If you want bulk or wholesale rigid boxes, offset printing is the best option among the aforementioned printing styles. Regarding bulk printing, it is incredibly cost-effective. But, if you only need a small number of boxes, flexography or digital printing are excellent options. It is therefore up to you to choose the approach. We are delighted to present your top option to you.

Fantastic Add-ons for Rigid Boxes 

If you were going to order rigid gift packaging, wouldn’t you want it to be unique and provide more value to your clients? Do you believe you will? That’s exactly what you can accomplish with add-ons. You can add these extra features to your custom rigid packaging to make it look even more impressive. These are our most popular add-ons:


  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching
  • Embossing and Debossing
  • Hot Stamping (Foiling)

Spot UV

Spot UV may be used to cure particular regions of any kind of rigid box, including gift boxes with lids. There is a shine and sealed color on the treated area. It also gains moisture resistance. 

Window Patching

You can use window patching if you want potential customers to be able to see inside your stiff boxes—such as rigid business card boxes—without having to open the packaging. To keep dust out of the box, die-cut windows are used, and the aperture is covered with a clear PVC sheet.

Embossing and Debossing

Whether you are ordering rigid gift boxes at wholesale prices or not, it is still a great idea to emboss and deboss them. They assist you in designing sophisticated packaging for your goods and add a tactile element to your stiff packaging box. Furthermore, debossing enables the production of depressed imprints on your packaging, whereas embossing makes it easier to create raised imprints. 

Hot Stamping

You can hot stamp your rigid setup boxes to add foil to them. You can choose from a variety of finishes, such as metallic, holographic, glossy, and matte. It allows you to create wholesale rigid boxes that are unique for your products in addition to helping you add an extra layer of security. 

Sample Options for Your Rigid Box

Why provide choices for sampling? This is due to our commitment to providing our customers with excellent, error-free rigid packaging. We can find any errors and make the necessary corrections before the order proceeds to the mass production stage by providing sampling options. The following is a list of some of the sampling options we provide:


  • Physical Sampling
  • 3D Mock-Up Video
  • 2D Flat View

Why Us For Rigid Boxes?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for reasonably priced, custom rigid packaging that can be made to your specifications. GoTo Packaging can assist you in purchasing them at discounted prices and is renowned for its knowledgeable and experienced staff members. So give us a call and place your order to find out more about the various types of rigid packaging we have available!


Our Custom Rigid Boxes are expertly built to offer unrivaled strength and a refined touch. These boxes are fantastic for stylishly protecting your products and leaving a positive impression on your customers.

You own the canvas! We provide a wide range of printing options, including foil stamping, debossing, and embossing, to make sure your brand identity is evident in every little detail.

Our strength is our adaptability. Our Custom Rigid Boxes serve a variety of industries, from electronics to luxury items, and they guarantee that your product will be presented in the most exquisite way possible.

Don’t worry! Our Rigid Boxes are designed to offer the best possible security. Your goods won’t be harmed by the rigors of transportation and will arrive at their destination in flawless condition.

Certainly! We recognize how crucial flexibility is. Our Custom Rigid Boxes are offered in quantities that meet your specific requirements, whether it’s a limited release or a major launch.

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