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Our mailer boxes offer safe transportation, allow branding options, and are easy to assemble. However, that’s not all; we provide a wide range of features, including custom sizes, printing options, paper coating, and unique add-ons to help our mailer boxes stand out while meeting your packaging needs.

Your packaging experience remains hassle-free and comfortable with our mailer boxes because we select appropriate perforation, scoring, and custom die-cutting. High-quality packaging can help you generate recurring sales. If you want mailer boxes that are of top-notch quality, sturdy, cost-effective, available in customizable sizes, and focused on your brand, reach out to us, and let’s get packing!

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Mailer boxes are made from 90% recycled materials and can help you ship your products without going above your budget. Our mailer boxes are created from kraft, corrugated, cardstock, rigid, and linen while offering coatings that include matte, gloss, and satin.

GoTo Packaging also offers several add-ons based on your needs, such as fence and punch inserts. With our customizability options, we can transform a simple mailer box into an essential product companion for your business that serves you as your marketing tool as well.

Benefits Of Custom Mailer Boxes

You will be enjoying a wide list of benefits with our mailer boxes;

  • Customized Mailer Boxes
  • Branding Options
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Eco-Friendly Option

Finishing Trends For Mailer Boxes

Go To Packaging also offers a variety of unique finishes for its mailer boxes;

  • Foil Stamping
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window Patching

Mailer Boxes Printing Options

Our printing options for custom mailer boxes include the following;

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing


Your GoTo destination for Mailer Boxes with Customization That works for your business

All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Printing Options
No Printing
Paper Stock Options
10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft
E-flute Corrugated
Bux Board
100 - 500,000
Coating Options
Spot UV
Process Options
Die Cutting
Style Options
Custom Window Cut Out
Gold/Silver Foiling
Raised Ink
PVC Sheet
Proof Options
Flat View
3D Mock-up
Physical Sampling (On request)
Turn Around Time
4-6 Business Days

What Is A Custom Mailer Box?

Mailer boxes are paperboard packaging that has been designed to store and ship items. Thanks to their interlocking wings and flaps, they are quite easy to assemble and don’t require adhesive taping for their assembling and closing. They feature double sidewalls, thus rendering them durable and imparting higher resistance to transportation than other kinds of paperboard packaging.

Common Types Of Custom Mailer Boxes

There are various kinds of mailer boxes, and you must choose the one that fits your requirements. Some of the examples include the following;

  • Tuck Top Mailer Boxes
  • Folding Boxes Or Roll End Front Tuck Boxes
  • Flat Mailer Boxes
  • Tab Lock Mailer Boxes

Tuck Top Mailer Boxes

These are considered to be the leading kind of mailer boxes. They are the preferred option for various industries such as retail, e-commerce, and entertainment because of the marketing options that they offer, including brand recall, brand awareness, and brand loyalty. They are an economically sound packaging option while remaining highly presentable.

Folding Boxes Or Roll End Front Tuck Boxes

These boxes are further categorized into shipping boxes, subscription boxes, presentation boxes, and e-commerce boxes. This is the kind used by almost every industry, including food, electronics, clothing, and office supplies, because of their ease of use. They can be folded hassle-free during assembly. The top can be opened or closed smoothly and offers maximum closure thanks to the tuck located on the inside of the box. You should consider this particular kind of box because it offers additional strength and durability and because dust and cherry locks can also be added to it for enhanced stability.

Flat Mailer Boxes

These are the boxes used for sending items such as books, samples, or anything that must remain flat during the transit. They are the ideal choice because of their simplicity. We offer flat mailer boxes in different materials, including cardstock, kraft, corrugated, and linen. Based on the kind of product you want to ship or store, our team can design custom flat mailer boxes while employing various add-ons to bring out the best possible variant of them.

Tab Lock Mailer Boxes

These mailer boxes are self-locking and can be opened or closed without causing any damage to the material or the product inside. It is used by the e-commerce industry – and is also favored by the electronics industry as well – because of its incredible unboxing experience and durability. It features an additional locking panel on its lip plane, thus making sure that the packaging remains reliable throughout the transit. You can also incorporate a window patching to it. We can customize this kind of mailer box to meet your requirements and design it so that it compliments your product.

Manufacturing Materials For Mailer Boxes

Mailer Boxes are crafted using different materials and based on the kind of material used, most popular mailer boxes include the following;

  • Corrugated Mailer Boxes
  • Cardstock Mailer Boxes
  • Kraft Mailer Boxes
  • Linen Mailer Boxes
  • Cardboard Mailer Boxes

Unique Add-ons For Mailer Boxes

Go To Packaging takes pride in its spectacular and unique add-ons for the mailer boxes. Some of the finishes that we offer include;

  • Foil Stamping
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Window Patching

Foil Stamping for Mailer Boxes

This process is used to impart a distinct look to the mailer boxes via metallic, matte, gloss, holographic, or special effects features. The process is employed by different industries such as wine, perfumes, stationery, and many more. They rely on it for the sake of making their packaging stand out from the competition. You should consider this option if you want to get that ‘wow factor’ for your packaging and are interested in brand strengthening – the impact and impression will always be the same!

Spot UV for Mailer Boxes

It is similar to UV coating; however, it is applied to a particular area of the mailer box instead of the entire mailer box. It allows you to improve the overall presentation of the packaging while being environmentally friendly. Industries such as perfumes, electronics, and cosmetics, etc. rely on spot UV because it is quick and effective and also imparts a protective layer.

Mailer Boxes with Embossing/Debossing

With embossing, we impart depth and dimension to the mailer boxes. Embossing involves creating raised textual content or an image by pressing into the material. Debossing is the opposite of embossing – it generates a depressed imprint on the packaging material. Industries that create consumer goods, ranging from electronics to stationery, use them both to showcase their logo, bring attention to important detail, enhance the visual appeal, and amplify the product’s perceived value.

Window Patching for Mailer Boxes

Our mailer boxes can be manufactured with window packaging so that your customers can take a sneak inside it and check out your product. It is commonly used by industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and even retail. The window patching can help you in piquing the interest of the customer. Furthermore, they are able to instantly view and engage with the product. If you have a product that the customer can engage with, then this add-on is for you!

Popular Printing Options For Mailer Boxes

At Go To Packaging, we offer the following printing options;

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

Offset Printing for Mailer Boxes

This technique relies on ink instead of toner and creates a richer, clearer, and much superior quality of images. In short, it is the highest quality printing option that is available. It is generally reserved for mass production orders of mailer boxes because it tends to become too expensive for low-volume projects.

Digital Printing for Mailer Boxes

This technique is similar to how your inkjet or laser printer works. Digital printing has many benefits, including quicker turnaround times and allows the execution of low-volume jobs affordable without requiring any kind of setup fees. However, they can’t compete with the quality that offset printing offers.

Customizable Mailer Boxes

Our mailer boxes stand out from the rest because of our high-quality materials and the add-ons. We offer fence inserts and punch inserts for mailer boxes

Fence Inserts – Fencing created within the box for product placement.

Punch Inserts – Product-shaped cutting that surrounds the product.

Our mailer boxes also feature a handle if you need it. The handle is crafted from the same material as that of the mailer box.

Why Should You Invest In Mailer Boxes?

Mailer boxes have proven to be an evergreen packaging option for many businesses on account of the following reasons;

Get Ready For On The Go Advertising and Branding with Mailer Boxes

With mailer boxes, you can carry out a very cost-effective branding campaign to help you achieve brand recall with your intended customers. You can easily get your company’s logo and slogan printed on your mailer boxes, thus transforming them into effective marketing tools for your business. This will not only help in building brand authority, but it also helps in growing loyalty and association with the brand. Who doesn’t want more exposure for their business? We certainly want you to get maximum exposure with our Custom Mailer Boxes tailored to your needs and specifications.

Colored Mailer Boxes

Color psychology is an actual science, and colored mailer boxes can help you achieve your branding & marketing goals. For instance, instead of opting for colorless packaging, trying pop colors can help you stand out and leave an impression, build instant authority, and communicate the values you and your brand stand for to your customers.

Custom Packaging for Mailer Boxes

With customizable packing, you will enjoy complete control over the sizing and internal sections of the packing. You can choose the kind of mailer box that you want and the size that you require. This allows you to reduce wastage and thus helps you in saving money.

Using Packing To Divulge Information

With mailer boxes, you can have information printed on them, thus providing important information to your customers. However, there’s more to it. You can have custom forms printed on the boxes that can sort out different items and help you organize your storage. The options that are available in terms of what kind of information you want to convey are limitless.

Saving On Shipment Costs

Did you know that getting custom mailer boxes made as per your specifications has a myriad of benefits? Firstly, your shipment items will be securely packed within the mailer box. There won’t be any wiggle room to speak. Secondly, as mentioned before, the cost of mailer boxes goes down because there will be minimal wastage. Thirdly, and this is the most important one, you will be saving shipment costs. How does that work? A smaller package occupies less space, and thus you will be able to ship more items, thus helping you cut down on your shipment costs. It also offers more sturdiness in terms of stacking boxes.

Benefits Of Mailer Boxes

Some of the benefits of mailer boxes are as follows;

Customized Mailer Boxes

Appropriate packaging is crucial for shipping. Custom mailer boxes are made as per your specifications and offer the best protection. Furthermore, they also help you save shipping costs since they are designed specifically for your needs.

Branding Options

You can also utilize mailer boxes to carry out a brand awareness campaign. Mailer boxes are like empty canvases, and you can have them filled just the way you like it.

Easy To Assemble

Mailer boxes are relatively easy to assemble with various kinds available depending on your need. You can choose the type that you need based on your requirements.

Eco-Friendly Option

You will be hitting it home with your intended customers when they find out that you make environment-friendly decisions in terms of packing. You can proudly use this for your marketing purposes as well.

Ready To Move To The Next Step?

Mailer boxes can help you take your business to the next level by providing your product safe transportation, easy assembling, and branding options. You can either ask for a free quote or get in touch with our experts who will thoroughly guide you how mailer boxes can help you attain your business goals in terms of sales and marketing by employing different features such as custom sizes, printing options, and paper coating.

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