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Custom Printed 12-inch pizza boxes

Elevate Your Pizzeria with 12-Inch Pizza Box Perfection

When it comes to pizza, every little detail counts. With our painstakingly designed 12-inch Pizza Boxes, you can improve both the appearance of your pizzeria and the patron experience. Crafted to perfection, these boxes represent a dedication to presenting your delectable goods in a fashionable and new manner, going beyond simple containment.

Our 12-inch pizza boxes are a monument to the craft of packing, not just a means of transportation. These boxes are just the right size for a filling single serve and are the ideal blend of style and utility. Your pizzas will arrive undamaged thanks to the robust construction, and the carefully thought-out exterior acts as a blank canvas for your brand’s branding.

We at GoTo Packaging know how important it is to leave a lasting impression. Because of this, we provide a range of designs for our 12-inch pizza boxes that will both match your brand and improve the whole dining experience. Whether you go with a traditional style or add a personalized touch, our boxes are a testament to your dedication to excellence.

When it comes to customization, check out our possibilities for custom pizza boxes with no minimum order restrictions. Make sure that every pizza box that leaves your restaurant tells a story by customizing the packaging to fit your own vision and branding. One 12-inch Pizza Box at a time, we welcome you to uplift your pizzeria’s reputation and surpass patron expectations with our dedication to quality and customization.

12-Inch Pizza Box Material Diversity

The selection of material is crucial for creating the ideal pizza packing, which guarantees that your mouthwatering pies arrive at their destination looking and tasting great. In particular, 12-inch pizza boxes feature a variety of materials, each with distinct qualities meeting certain demands.


The traditional option for both pizza aficionados and pizzeria proprietors, 12-inch cardboard pizza boxes combine price and robustness. These boxes are a mainstay in the world of pizza packaging because they are lightweight for convenient transportation and robust enough to support the weight of a filled pizza.


A superior choice for individuals looking for increased durability and robustness is the 12-inch corrugated pizza box. Deliveries and takeaway orders benefit greatly from the additional layer of protection provided by the corrugated material. This sturdy option guarantees that your pizzas will arrive undamaged, even on choppy transports.


Rigid 12-inch pizza boxes come into their own when presentation matters just as much as security. These boxes have a strong, sturdy construction and a luxurious feel to them, which makes them a great option for upscale pizzerias or special events.


Pizza places that care about the environment frequently use 12-inch kraft paper pizza boxes. Kraft boxes are well-known for being environmentally friendly. They are compostable and recyclable, which satisfies the growing need for environmentally friendly packaging options.

Additionally, the 12-inch corrugated pizza box and the environmentally friendly Pizza Boxes 12 x 12 x 2 Kraft are excellent options for individuals looking for the highest level of durability without sacrificing size, guaranteeing that your pizzas are delivered with integrity and flair.

12-Inch Pizza Boxes with Vibrant Colour Models

With their 12-Inch Pizza Boxes, GoTo Packaging elevates the standard in presentation art by carefully considering even the slightest color variations. CYMK and PMS, two well-known color models, are essential to improving the pizza boxes’ aesthetic appeal.

CYMK (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black)

The CYMK color model is the foundation of our printing process. These four colors are combined in different amounts to create a spectrum of colors that energize your brand. Every detail, from the rich brown of a perfectly cooked crust to the vivid scarlet of a pepperoni slice, is rendered vivid and true to life by CYMK.

PMS (Pantone Matching System)

Our 12-inch pizza boxes also use the PMS color model, which is ideal for people who want exact color matching. With PMS, we can replicate particular shades with unmatched precision, guaranteeing that your trademark colors appear consistently on all boxes. With each pizza delivery, this methodical technique not only promotes brand familiarity but also displays your logo.

Finishing Techniques for 12-Inch Pizza Boxes 

When it comes to packing, every detail counts. At GoTo Packaging, we recognize that the appropriate finishing touches can turn an ordinary 12-inch pizza box into a work of art that not only preserves your delectable dish but also improves the perception of your company. Examine our selection of finishing methods created to give your pizza box style and usefulness.


Our foiling options add a touch of luxury to your 12-inch pizza boxes. Whether you choose for modern silver or traditional gold, foil stamping produces an eye-catching metallic finish that conveys quality.

Spot UV

Make use of spot UV coating to draw attention to particular design elements on your pizza box. This glossy, raised effect contrasts attractively with the plain background, adding texture and highlighting text, logos, or photographs.

Die Cuts

Your 12-inch pizza boxes can have a customized shape thanks to our precise die-cutting technology. Shape matters. Make distinctive windows, apertures, or handles to not only highlight your mouthwatering pizza but also give your consumers an unforgettable unboxing experience.


Add perforation to your pizza boxes to improve their usefulness. Make tear-off portions for recipes, coupons, or even a handy serving tray with ease. Your packaging gains a useful edge from perforation without sacrificing the box’s structural integrity.


If you want to see through your delicious food into your 12-inch pizza boxes, think about using PVC sheets. Present the delicious pizza inside while shielding it from the outside weather.

In A Nutshell:

Being superior 12-inch pizza boxes that combine convenience and quality are available from GoTo Packaging. Your pizzas will stay intact and fresh thanks to our robust, environmentally friendly boxes. Find the ideal packaging option for the dishes you make. Locate GoTo Packaging’s 12-inch pizza boxes nearby for an unparalleled experience that combines dependability and accessibility.

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