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Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are the greatest packaging boxes you can have, regardless of whether you are moving to a new home, flat, or business or have scheduled a shift inside your premises. made of strong, durable, premium corrugated material. We create boxes that are excellent for storing and shipping. A range of boxes in varying forms, dimensions, and weights are available from GoTo Packaging. You have the option of ordering custom moving boxes or selecting from our stock.

GoTo Packaging provides both high-quality and reasonable prices. We produce and distribute wholesale moving boxes. You may purchase your own moving boxes at unbeatable prices in any size, shape, or unique design you like.

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Best Printed Moving Boxes & Packaging at Low Prices

A flawless moving experience is now possible with GoTo Packaging’s Moving Boxes. Our sturdy boxes are made to bear the challenges of moving, guaranteeing the security and protection of your priceless things. These boxes, which are made of sturdy materials, provide optimum strength and sturdiness, ensuring secure storage and transportation. For dependable and trustworthy moving necessities that meet your unique requirements, pick GoTo Packaging. Our excellent moving boxes will make a difference that you will notice.

Your GoTo destination for Moving Boxes with Customization That works for your business

All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Printing Options
No Printing
Paper Stock Options
10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft
E-flute Corrugated
Bux Board
100 - 500,000
Coating Options
Spot UV
Process Options
Die Cutting
Style Options
Custom Window Cut Out
Gold/Silver Foiling
Raised Ink
PVC Sheet
Proof Options
Flat View
3D Mock-up
Physical Sampling (On request)
Turn Around Time
4-6 Business Days

Fast And Secure Moving To Make Possible With Custom Moving Boxes

Our Custom Moving Boxes, which GoTo Packaging has skillfully made, can let you move without hassle or stress. Nothing compares to the ease and security provided by our customized boxes when it comes to moving. Every move is different, and GoTo Packaging recognizes this, which is why our Custom Moving Boxes are the ideal answer for your particular needs. You can customize the sizes and configurations of the boxes we offer to fit the measurements of your goods. This guarantees a tight fit and lowers the chance of damage while in transportation.

However, their potential to be customized with your own branding is what really makes our Custom Moving Boxes stand out. By including your company name, logo, and eye-catching graphics on the boxes, you can take your marketing approach to new heights. Customers will remember you because of this, which also strengthens your brand identification.

What Are Custom Moving Boxes?

As implied by the name, custom moving boxes assist in moving stock gradually and carefully, preventing damage and breakage. Therefore, choosing the right moving box based on your needs is crucial because a poor choice of an unstable moving box may result in damage and breakage.


To create moving boxes, you can utilize a variety of packaging materials. 

Here are a few possibilities:

Corrugated Cardboard

One of the most used materials for moving shipping boxes is this one. It is lightweight and robust, making it the perfect choice for shipping. You can customize your boxes with your company logo or other graphics by printing on corrugated cardboard.

Kraft Paper

Due to its durability and resistance to tearing, kraft paper is another common option for moving boxes. Kraft paper is an environmentally friendly choice because it can be recycled.


If you are transporting fragile or delicate things, foam paperboard can give additional protection. The foam’s size and form can be altered to properly fit your products.

Polyethylene Foam

A lightweight, water-resistant type of foam is polyethylene foam. Electronics are frequently shipped using it because it offers effective protection and shock absorption. Consider the weight, fragility, shipment method, and distance when selecting the packaging materials for your moving packaging box. You want to ensure that your belongings reach their destination in a secure manner.

Unique Moving Packaging Boxes styles

If you want to sell customized products on the market. There must be a very tasteful method of introducing them. The use of moving boxes with personalized packaging is the finest strategy to promote your products in the marketplace. The purpose of these moving packaging boxes is to make your products visually appealing. We have a wide variety of interesting offerings for you. Our free services allow you to contribute your own ideas to the packaging. GoTo Packaging gives you a variety of options from which to choose the ideal die-cut printing. We show our clients the newest template designs. This template is completely original and free of copied content from other websites. Our packaging’s primary function is to satisfy clients and make disposal simple for them. Because of this, the packaging we use is biodegradable, convenient to use, and can be thrown away when no longer required. The following moving box styles cover nearly every item in your home or place of business.


    • Office Supplies Packing Boxes
    • Art Supplies Packing Boxes
    • Accessories Packing Boxes
  • TV Moving Boxes
  • Standard Packing Boxes
  • Moving Kits
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Frame Boxes
  • Dish Packing Boxes


For personalized moving boxes, there are a few different printing techniques that can be used:

Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing is a premium printing process that transfers graphics onto the box material using plates and ink. Although more expensive, this method yields photos that are extremely exact and detailed. For highly high-quality printing requirements or for specialized applications, this method works well.

Screen Printing

Pushing ink through a stencil and onto the box material is the process of screen printing. It can be more expensive and time-consuming than alternative processes, but it’s a fantastic solution for boxes that call for bold or opaque pictures.

Flexible Printing

This is a popular printing option for moving boxes near me because it is inexpensive and produces high-quality results. Flexible printing plates are used in flexographic printing to transfer ink to the box material. Due to the preparation time needed for the printing plates, it works best for larger quantities of boxes.

Digital Printing

For Moving packaging rolls, digital printing, a more contemporary printing technique, is becoming more and more common. It is more adaptable and customizable because printing plates are not needed. Our printing can be more expensive per unit than flexographic printing, so it is best suited for smaller batches of boxes.


Depending on your unique requirements, there are numerous different moving box sizes available. Here are some popular possibilities for size:


Small Moving Boxes: These are frequently utilized for small objects like jewelry, compact electronics, or other items that don’t take up much room. Small boxes typically measure around 6″x6″x6″.


Medium Moving Boxes: These are frequently used for products like books, clothing, and small appliances. A medium moving box should be about 12″x12″x12″ in size.


Large Moving Boxes: These are frequently used to transport bulkier things like furniture or large appliances. A large moving box should be about 24″x18″x18″ in size.


Custom-sized Moving Box: If your goods don’t fit into a standard-size box, you may also get moving boxes that are made to order to meet your unique requirements. 


These are especially helpful for products that are exceptionally huge or have weird shapes because they may be prepared in any size you need.

It’s crucial to take your product’s size, weight, and any additional packaging materials you might require into account when selecting a box size. Additionally, keep in mind that larger boxes may be more expensive to send than smaller ones.

Why Choose Us:

In our daily lives, both households and companies frequently employ custom moving boxes. Your one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs is GoTo Packaging. GoTo US provides wholesale cheap moving boxes that are produced from premium green products.

They are strong enough to protect your product(s) throughout handling and transportation. You have the choice of having your boxes in any number of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Additionally, we provide free design assistance for your custom moving boxes. The printing is of the highest caliber, and you have access to a variety of finishing options. We offer quick shipping and consistently offer reduced prices for custom packing.

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