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Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes can help you garner more sales regardless of whether you’re dealing in gifts, stationery, retail products, cosmetics, soaps, medicines, personal care items, computer software, or flavor & sweets. We offer different styles of custom sleeve boxes and a wide choice of selection when it comes to materials.

Our sleeve boxes stand out because of the trending add-ons, special finishing coatings, and use of inserts for securing the products. Our use of state of the art printing technologies enables our sleeve boxes to offer crisp printing results with accurate natural colors and can also serve as your branding tools. Reach out to GoTo Packaging today for custom packaging solutions based on your needs!

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Sleeve boxes are among the most-preferred retail boxes because of their style and elegance. We cater to a variety of industries with our custom sleeve boxes that help with the promotion of their products via elegant packaging and offer the following styles;

  • Sleeve Apparel Boxes
  • Custom Die Cut Sleeve Boxes
  • Half Sleeve Boxes
  • Sleeve Gift Boxes

We use card stock, kraft, corrugated, textured material, and rigid material for the creation of our custom sleeve boxes. However, we understand that this is not enough, and therefore we make use of trending add-ons, including foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV, and window patching to create truly unique sleeve boxes.

We do not compromise on the integrity of our sleeve boxes and make sure that your products are secure and safe in our custom sleeve boxes. We offer different finishing coatings and types of inserts for your sleeve boxes. We rely on digital printing and offset printing to achieve the desired printing outcomes.

Encasing your products in custom sleeve boxes is bound to grab the attention of potential customers and generate sales. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us, and let’s get packing!

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Gold/Silver Foiling
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What Is a Sleeve Box?

Fewer retail boxes come close to sleeve boxes in terms of being unique, effective, and impactful concerning the presentation and promotion of a business and its products in the retail stores. Sleeve boxes is the name given to the boxes that feature a sleeve. They are the optimal choice when you want to add value to the products while enhancing their visual appeal and conveying the message that your products are of top-notch quality. Sleeve boxes not only protect the product but also help in leaving a lasting impression on the customers. Sleeve boxes are used by various industries, including entertainment, stationery, gifts, cosmetics, toys, sweets, candles, soaps, and many more.

Popular Types Of Sleeve Boxes

Some of the popular kinds of sleeve boxes that are being used today include the following;

  • Sleeve Apparel Boxes
  • Custom Die Cut Sleeve Boxes
  • Half Sleeve Boxes
  • Sleeve Gift Boxes

Sleeve Apparel Boxes

Sleeve apparel boxes enable you to package different kinds of products hassle-free. Furthermore, their innovative design allows you to pack the items securely in almost little to no time at all. You can enjoy most of the display opportunities without having to go over your budget with sleeve apparel boxes. Furthermore, by incorporating inserts into it, you can add multiple accessories to the box as well, including cufflinks, ties, etc.

Custom Die Cut Sleeve Boxes

If you want to enjoy elegant yet fancy sleeve boxes, then custom die-cut sleeve boxes are for you. They offer optimal fitting and finishing. The latest die-cutting equipment and cutting-edge technology or material processing can enable you to enjoy custom sleeve boxes designed and manufactured as per your requirements. With this kind of sleeve box, you will be getting a window on the sliding sleeve, thus enabling your customers to catch a glimpse of your product. The die-cutting can also be made in the shape of your logo and doesn’t necessarily need to be in the shape of a window.

Half Sleeve Boxes

This particular kind of box features a sleeve that doesn’t completely cover the tray. With half sleeve boxes, you can let your inner artist run free!

Sleeve Gift Boxes

Sleeve gift boxes are the perfect option because of the customizability options that they have to offer. You can have custom themed sleeve gift boxes manufactured for any event. Not only can the sleeve gift boxes protect the product inside but can also enhance the perceived value of the product. GoTo Packaging also offers additional appealing features that you can choose from when ordering sleeve gift boxes.

Commonly Used Materials For Sleeve Boxes

Different materials are used for sleeve boxes, each offering its own perks and benefits. However, it is important to select the right kind of material for your sleeve box packaging based on your products and their requirements. Our packaging experts can help you determine the ideal material choice for your products. The commonly used materials for sleeve boxes include the following;

  • Cardstock – Perfect for retail stores.
  • Rigid – Perfect for gift boxes.
  • Kraft – Eco-friendly option for your custom candle boxes.
  • Corrugated – The strongest material you can find, ideal for shipping.
  • Textured Material – Get that exquisite touch with this.

Card Stock

Card stock is lighter than other paperboards available but is heavier as opposed to the standard writing material. It offers outstanding printing results and thus is a good choice for your sleeve boxes.


The rigid material offers more than just strength – it can provide your sleeve box that touch of elegance and premium feel. The minimum thickness of the rigid material is 32pt.


When you opt for kraft, know that you are making an environmentally-friendly decision. This makes for a great marketing campaign as well since the masses are becoming more and more environmentally responsible. Kraft sleeve boxes allow you to connect with your customers on a deeper level.


If imparting protection to your product was the goal you had in mind, then this material is perfect for you. It is created by using a sheet of the medium that is pressed between two sheets of liner – made using cardboard. The corrugated sleeve box can not only survive the wear and tear at a retail store but also survive bumps and falls.

Textured Material

GoTo Packaging understands that sometimes the conventional materials just won’t cut it for your incredible product. We offer a variety of textured material for you to choose from, thus making your sleeve box become unique and stand out from its competition.

Benefits Of Custom Sleeve Boxes

Custom sleeve boxes are the rising trend of the packaging industry. Why? Because they offer a myriad of benefits including;

  • Ideal For Your Branding Campaigns
  • Ability To Stand Out From The Competition
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Print What You Want & How You Want
  • Staying Eco-Friendly

Ideal For Your Branding Campaigns

Custom printing techniques are employed for your custom sleeve boxes, thus enabling you to transform your sleeve box into an effective tool of marketing. You have the option to add a logo, slogan, or any other message that you wish to convey to your customers by making use of custom printing. This helps you carry out brand awareness, brand strengthening, and brand recall campaigns without incurring hefty costs.

Ability To Stand Out From The Competition

A custom sleeve box can grab the attention of potential customers by simply being unique. It stands out from the ordinary retail boxes, and this helps in generating more sales at retail stores. GoTo Packaging offers a variety of features that can help your sleeve boxes become unique.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

You can add your website or a phone number to your custom sleeve boxes, thus making it easier for the customers to connect with you if they wish to inquire about something or to place an order again. This is one of the tried and tested ways of generating recurring sales.

Print What You Want & How You Want It

You can select what you want to be printed onto the custom sleeve boxes. This could be the details regarding the product contained in it, or it could be contact details for your business, or it could be a mix of both. Furthermore, you can also get relevant symbols and product codes printed so that it is shipped and handled properly.

Staying Eco-Friendly!

You can incorporate the eco-friendly symbol to your custom sleeve boxes, thus signifying that you are doing whatever you can to reduce your carbon footprint. This will help you garner more sales as people are becoming increasingly conscious about their carbon footprint and being environmentally-friendly.

Popular Add-Ons For Sleeve Boxes

Add-ons can help your sleeve boxes accomplish much more, and that’s why we offer the following popular add-ons;

  • Foiling For Sleeve Boxes
  • Embossing On Sleeve Boxes
  • Debossing On Sleeve Boxes
  • Raised Ink (Spot UV) On Sleeve Boxes
  • Window Patching (Die-Cutting & PVC Windows)

Foiling For Sleeve Boxes

With foiling, your sleeve boxes can don metallic, gloss, holographic, matte, or special effects. This helps your sleeve boxes stand out from the rest at the retail stores.

Embossing On Sleeve Boxes

Do you want to add visual intricacies to your sleeve boxes? Embossing can help you add a  new dimension to your sleeve boxes. It presses texts, images, logos, and design into materials, thus creating a raised outline of the embossed element.

Debossing On Sleeve Boxes

Debossing is the opposite of embossing and pushes the material down instead of raising it up. You can opt for this add-on along with foil stamping and printing. It creates effects that are best-defined as multi-dimensional and multi-layered.

Spot UV On Sleeve Boxes

Spot UV is a kind of UV coating with a clear distinction; it is applied to specific spots on your packaging only. It is used for sealing the color while adding a lustrous sheen to the specific area. Furthermore, spot UV can help you protect your sleeve boxes against wear and tear. It also imparts resistance against any damage that could be caused by moisture.

Window Patching For Sleeve Boxes

Your sleeve boxes are going to be used as retail boxes, and that’s why having a window patching on them is the best decision you can take for them. Window patching allows your customers to see the product inside in all of its glory without having to remove the packaging. This conveys your confidence in your product and results in higher sales. GoTo Packaging offers die-cutting and PVC windows under the banner of window patching.

Incredible Insert Options

Inserts are used for two primary purposes; to keep the product in place or to keep the products within the retail box separated. At GoTo Packaging, we make use of the following materials for inserts;

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Foam

The two kinds of inserts that you can choose from including the following;

  • Punch Inserts
  • Fence Inserts

Punch inserts are used for keeping the product in place. This insert makes sure that your product doesn’t have room to move during handling and shipping. On the other hand, the fence inserts are utilized to keep the products separated within the sleeve boxes. When you reach out to us, our packaging experts can help you decide on the best possible option for the selection of inserts.

Best-Quality Printing Techniques

Printing techniques can help you achieve the desired outcome. With the right kind of printing option, your sleeve boxes can enjoy top-notch quality results with accurate natural colors while printing your logo and other information onto the sleeve boxes. Some of the commonly used printing techniques include the following;

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Flexography Printing

Offset Printing for Mailer Boxes

Offset printing uses ink and can create a clearer, superior, and a richer quality of images. This is the most preferred and high-quality printing option that is available in the packaging industry. It is used for mass production orders of sleeve boxes and avoided for low-volume orders since it might become expensive for them.

Digital Printing for Mailer Boxes

Digital printing works similar to laser or inkjet printers. It offers a variety of benefits, including the execution of low-volume orders while remaining cost-effective and offers quick turnaround times. It doesn’t require any prior setting up before use.

Let’s Get Packing!

Custom sleeve boxes are the perfect option whether you are dealing in cosmetics, soaps, retail products, gifts, medicines, stationery, personal care items, computer software, or flavor & sweets. However, in order to avail of all of their benefits, you must rely on a packaging expert such as GoTo Packaging. Reach out to us today, and let’s figure out the best possible way we can help you with your packaging needs.

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