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A good product box will largely determine the quality of the customer experience, directly linked with recurring sales. You’re in the right place; GoTo Packaging can take care of all your product box needs – including branding options, enhancing customer experience, offering protection, and much more – in the best possible and efficient manner.

Thanks to our incredible add-ons, various finishing and material options, and different types of product boxes, your products are bound to make an impact in the market. Connect with us, and let’s give your products a boost!

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Best Product Boxes & Packaging at Low Prices

Product boxes are a must regardless of the market that you’re catering to. You can get a lot done with your product boxes, given that you have the right supplier.

Things To Consider When Buying Product Boxes

Some of the key points that you should have in mind when you’re designing and buying product boxes are given below;

  • Customer Experience
  • Branding Is The Key
  • Customizable Product Boxes

Add-Ons For Product Boxes

Our product boxes feature the following add-ons;

  • Spot UV
  • Foil Stamping
  • Die-cutting
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • PVC Window

Sampling Of Product Boxes

There are three options when it comes to sampling;

Flat – This is a picture of the product box created on Adobe Illustrator.

3D Mockup – This is a 3D model of the product box that you can rotate, open, and inspect thoroughly.

Physical Sample – This is the ultimate in terms of sampling; you will get a physical sample of the product box as per your requirements.


Your GoTo destination for Product Boxes with Customization That works for your business

All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Printing Options
No Printing
Paper Stock Options
10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft
E-flute Corrugated
Bux Board
100 - 500,000
Coating Options
Spot UV
Process Options
Die Cutting
Style Options
Custom Window Cut Out
Gold/Silver Foiling
Raised Ink
PVC Sheet
Proof Options
Flat View
3D Mock-up
Physical Sampling (On request)
Turn Around Time
4-6 Business Days

What Is A Product Box?

Product boxes are small to medium-sized boxes that are made from paperboard. Their intended purpose is to take the breath away of your customers using an attractive look. Product boxes are supposed to be placed on store shelves, and their exquisite look is a must. They are used by various industries, including cosmetics, perfumes, gadgets, and much more.

Why Getting Custom Product Boxes Matter?

By investing in custom packaging for your products, you can enjoy several benefits. Your product box has evolved and is now a part of the customer experience. To completely engage the customer, you must choose a product box that conveys your brand message. With our list of add-ons that include spot UV, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, foil stamping, and PVC windows, you can get your product box as customized as you want.

What follows is a list of benefits that you will enjoy by using custom product boxes.

You Stand Out from The Competition

Custom product boxes imply that they are different from other product boxes in the market. By investing in unique packaging, you are increasing the probability of getting noticed by your potential customers. You can choose any design that you want and even have the option to try out different designs before you finalize one.

You Give Size and Dimensions For Product Boxes!

Depending upon your product, you can pull off any shape and size. Apart from being unique, another hidden benefit is significant cost-cutting. You’ll be saving money in terms of wastage and also on the shipping of these product boxes. Furthermore, when your product sits snugly inside the product box, it is better protected. These form-fitting product boxes also ensure little to no disruptions when the box is being shipped.

Value And Enhancing Customer Experience

With exciting custom packaging, you can entice your customers and increase sales. Retailers also prefer custom packaged product boxes because it is much easier to sell them. Custom product boxes also allow you to carry out tweaking and improving the customer experience. You can add tissue paper to impart elegance and add a customized note to the box. The options are, practically, limitless.

Cutting Down Shipment Costs

Custom product boxes are designed according to the product implying that they have a reduced size compared to conventional product boxes. This means that you will be saving money when you’re shipping them out.

Current Trends For Product Boxes

There are always changing trends for the product boxes. However, there are a few trends that never go out. Check them out below;

Printed Product Boxes

Many companies opt for digital printing for their product boxes. They either use the company’s logo or colors to transform their product boxes.

Using Custom Inlays

When it comes to product placement, it is crucial to make use of custom inlays specifically designed for your product. It offers a neat and calming look to the customer. We offer punch and fence inserts to our customers.

Printing Custom Forms

It is also a good practice to print custom-forms for the product boxes. They are used to divulge important information to the customer. For instance, if your product is a gadget, you can mention its model number and various other details.

A Personalized Touch

Many small business owners have employed this practice quite successfully. Each product box features a customized and personal note that is written for the specific customer. However, this practice is limited to products ordered online only. Nonetheless, it is an excellent way of making a personal connection with your customers.

Using Fillers

This is a relatively cost-effective technique that offers excellent benefits. Packing peanuts helps keep your product safe and shows that you care enough about your products and the customers.

Selection Of Materials and Finishes For Product Boxes

At GoTo Packaging, we offer a wide variety of materials for you to choose from;

  • Eco-Friendly Kraft
  • Rigid Boxes
  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Linen Stock

Our core focus remains the protection of the product houses within the product box and to make it as aesthetically pleasing as is possible. Our product boxes are manufactured while keeping safety in mind and the expected wear and tear that the product boxes are expected to undergo during shipping and handling in retail stores.

We also offer different finishing options, including matte and gloss finishes. The finishing coats can help you make your product box have that ‘premium’ feel and look that attracts customers.

Most-Sold Product Boxes

GoTo Packaging offers different kinds of product boxes based upon your nature of business. Some of the most sold product boxes’ types include the following;

  • Mailer Boxes
  • Display Boxes
  • Food Boxes

Mailer Boxes

Our elegant and practical mailer boxes offer the best of both worlds to our clients; you’re getting protection without compromising on aesthetics. If your products have to be shipped, this is the type of product box for you!

Display Boxes

Display boxes are the most-sought after boxes because they offer a glimpse of the product to the customers. Once in a retail store, it’s all about catching the eye of the customer. With our packaging experience, we offer die-cut windows that feature a PVC sheet – thus getting your products the traction that they need!

Food Boxes

Food boxes will almost never go out of style, and there’s a good reason for that; an economic chart by Economic Consensus states that the USA has over 35,000 food and beverage installations. A practical and properly designed food box can help you garner the attention of thousands of customers. We can help you make your food box become a marketing tool for your business, thus rendering it a driving force for your sales.

Trending Styles For Custom Product Boxes

You can forget about conventional and boring packaging details. GoTo Packaging is on a mission to make your product boxes dynamic and uplifting, thus helping your products get the recognition that they deserve. Our team believes that the following styles of product boxes are doing better in the market;

  • Tuck-End Boxes
  • Two-Piece Boxes

Tuck-End Boxes

These product boxes have tuck-end closures on both ends. Such boxes are the best fit for any medical, food, and grocery product. They have proven, time and time again, that they are an excellent budgeting option. Furthermore, they are super-easy to assemble. Tuck-end boxes feature panels including front panel, side panel, top closure, bottom closure, bottom tuck flaps, and dust flaps. Further divisions in the tuck-end boxes’ category include the following;

  • Front Tuck-End Boxes
  • Reverse Tuck-End Boxes
  • Double Wall Front Tuck-End Boxes
  • Tuck-End Auto Bottom
  • Tuck-End Snap Lock Bottom, and many others

Two-Piece Boxes

Two-piece boxes have two essential components; one bottom storage and one top lid that covers it. You can find examples of such boxes when you look at mobile phone boxes or premium gift packages.

What To Consider When Getting Product Boxes

Every decision that you make regarding the product boxes will have a direct impact on your sales and recurring sales. We understand how important product boxes are to your businesses and therefore do our best to make sure that they help your business grow. Some of the key factors that you should consider when purchasing product boxes are given below;

How To Elevate Customer Experience

The best way to ensure recurring sales and to become social media-worthy is by imparting the best possible customer experience. Elevated customer experience means that your product will be featured on your customers’ social media accounts, thus helping you make new sales. GoTo Packaging understands this, and that’s why we offer so many customizable options for our product boxes.

Keep In Mind – Branding Is The Key

Your product box should be a brand ambassador for your business. You want a product box that features your company’s logo and colors, helping customers with brand recall every time they walk into a store and see your product boxes. Thanks to our printing options and finishing touches, not only can we pull this off but can do so in the best possible manner.

Customizable Product Boxes

The only way to enjoy the myriad of benefits that product boxes offer is to get custom product boxes made according to your product’s specifications. GoTo Packaging is known for its add-ons that can help your product box become much more than just a simple product box – an integral part of your product.

Got More Questions?

In conclusion, product boxes can make or break your sales. A good product box not only keeps your product safe and sound but also works as a marketing tool. When you reach out to GoTo Packaging, our experts will sit down with you and identify which kind of product box can serve your needs in the best possible manner while employing the latest trends and proven tactics to help your product box stand out from the rest. Get in touch with us today, and let’s uplift your product box!

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