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GoTo Packaging offers a variety of cardboard boxes with various finishing options, thus rendering them shelf-ready. Our cardboard boxes are eco-friendly and are purpose-built with your needs in mind. Our glue-free cardboard boxes are hassle-free and convenient to use. They are compact, portable, and lightweight. As a result, not only do they protect your product, but they are also great when it comes to staking and storing.

Our cardboard boxes are not the conventional and boring kind – they are the right mix of astonishing design, safety considerations, and shelf-readiness. Let’s get in touch and transform your packaging!

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Cardboard can be easily molded into different shapes while taking on varying dimensions. Although cardboard boxes are bland – in their original form – but worry not because we use various finishing techniques to bring them to life. Our go-to finishing techniques include;

  • Matte
  • Gloss

Our cardboard boxes are highly customizable thanks to the custom inserts that we use. Our list of custom inserts includes but is not limited to the following;

  • Trays
  • Foam

Furthermore, we offer a range of add-ons that can transform the cardboard boxes. They might cost extra, but they make up for it via increased sales because cardboard boxes with our add-ons stand out and get your products noticed by the customer. Our list of add-ons includes the following;

  • Spot UV – Application of UV to a specific area on the cardboard box.
  • Embossing – It is the process of creating raised relief images and designs on the cardboard box.
  • Debossing – It is the process of creating recessed relief images and designs on the cardboard box.
  • Foil Stamping – A printing method of relief printing using pre-dried inks or foils.

GoTo Packaging relies on recycled material for the production of its cardboard boxes, thus rendering them environment-friendly. In turn, even they are highly recyclable, resulting in a minor carbon footprint. Our cardboard boxes are designed while keeping convenience as the focal point. You can assemble them without any hassle and don’t even need to use glue for assembling them.

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What is a Cardboard Box?

A cardboard box is made using cardboard and is primarily used for shipping and retail purposes. It offers low printability, thus accounting for the lack of printed cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes feature interlocking flaps and don’t require adhesives. GoTo Packaging makes use of the flexibility of cardboard to create custom cardboard boxes.

Different Finishing Options For Cardboard Boxes

Simple cardboard is not attractive, rather quite bland, and that’s where the problem lies. When we’re talking about retail boxes, an attractive design becomes a compulsion. The conventional printing options don’t work very well with the cardboard because it offers little to no printability. However, the flexibility that it offers is unparalleled. GoTo Packaging relies on various finishing options to make the cardboard boxes attractive while utilizing its flexibility.

Some of the finishing options that we employ include the following;

  • Glossing
  • Matte
  • Sleeve Cover


We can smoothen the surface of the cardboard boxes with gloss coating while imparting a ‘shiny’ look to it.


The matte coating absorbs light while offering a premium look with sober ambiance.

Sleeve Cover

A sleeve cover can also be printed and then applied to the cardboard boxes. The sleeve cover can feature anything you want, and it will help the cardboard box stand out from the conventional cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Boxes And Custom Inserts

Inserts can significantly enhance cardboard boxes’ performance, and that’s why we offer a variety of custom inserts for our cardboard boxes. These inserts enable us to customize the cardboard packaging as per your products’ needs. The inserts can do a variety of tasks, including keeping the product safe, imparting protection, and making sure that components within the cardboard box don’t end tangling up with one another.

Two of our most used and asked for inserts include the following;

  • Trays
  • Foam


Trays are made using a rigid cardboard sheet and fitted inside the box. You can get custom die-cuts with this particular add-on as per your product’s specifications. The product can either be inserted into the tray or placed underneath it, depending on its design.


We offer all variants of foam that are available in the market. Foams not only offer protection but also enhance the overall outlook of the box. They are placed inside the cardboard boxes and serve as a necessary add-on because of the protection it offers against bumps.

Glue – Free Cardboard Boxes

Welcome to a convenient life where everything is straightforward and doesn’t require a manual for you to figure it out. Our cardboard boxes are designed to be straightforward and can be stored flat. The best part, though? They can be erected without much of an effort as well.

Our cardboard boxes feature a diverse set of locking mechanisms that are quite easy to understand. Furthermore, visual guides are provided as well, thus making the process even easier for you. If glue becomes an absolute necessity due to the product and design limitations, we use specialized glue that has been tested to be safe.

Types of Cardboard Boxes Based On Usage

We offer various kinds of cardboard boxes. Some of the most-sold ones are given below;

  • Archive boxes
  • Shelf-ready boxes
  • Full overlap boxes
  • Packing cartons
  • Pizza boxes

Shelf-ready boxes

This kind of cardboard box is optimized for stocking and sale. The idea is to get the product safely while ensuring that the product is being displayed at retail. These boxes are optimal for generating sales since the product is almost completely exposed and piques potential customers’ interest.

Archive Boxes

An archive box is a cardboard box specifically created for storing documents and photographs. Despite being single-walled, once assembled, they prove to be quite sturdy and can survive for an extended time.

Full overlap boxes

The full overlap box is intended for heavy-duty purposes. It features flaps that extend all the way to the opposite side of the box once folded and completely overlap each other – thus the name. This particular kind of design allows for structural and stacking strength. It is considered ideal for shipping or storing heavy items. Full overlap boxes are durable and damage-resistant.

Packing cartons

Packing cartons are one of the most basic and widely used types of cardboard boxes. We offer them in various sizes based on the needs of your products. Packing cartons do not offer a closing lid and must be glued or taped.

Pizza Boxes

While the pizza boxes’ primary purpose was the delivery of pizzas, but the style of this cardboard box has found various other applications. They are also utilized as mailer boxes for shipping various kinds of products. We offer pizza boxes of varying thickness based upon the kind of product that you are shipping. This particular kind of cardboard box has found applications in the e-commerce industry.

Manufacturing Techniques We Employ For Cardboard Boxes

GoTo Packaging also differentiates in its cardboard boxes based on the manufacturing techniques.


Perforations is the name given to a hole or holes punched into a material. We make use of perforations to make it easy for your customers to take out the product from within the cardboard box.

Custom die cutting

This technique is used to implement the requirements of your business. We create a custom die as per your requirements and use it to cut sheets of cardboard.


Scoring is the term used to define the folding lines that have been imprinted onto the cardboard sheet. They help your customers when it comes to folding and opening the cardboard boxes.

Let’s Get Packing, Shall We?

When you connect with us at GoTo Packaging, our team of experts will guide you through the entire process from selection of sizes to the kind of inserts and finishing that you should opt. Regardless of the kind of business you’re running, reach out to GoTo Packaging to have your packaging needs taken care of properly by experts.

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