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Wrap it Up with Chic Cone Sleeves for Any Occasion

Elevate your cone experience with GoTo Packaging’s amazing range of elegant cone sleeves! With our cone sleeves, you can elevate any event, whether you’re offering up sweet delicacies, savory appetizers, or ice cream pleasures.


Our carefully chosen assortment of cone sleeves offers useful advantages in addition to improving the visual appeal of your treats. Because they are made of premium materials, these sleeves guarantee a firm hold, avoiding spills and letting your clients enjoy themselves without concern.


Our Waffle Cone Sleeves are ideal for every kind of occasion, from elegant festivities to informal get-togethers. Select from a range of chic designs that complement your brand’s look and improve the way your sweets are presented as a whole. Choose from eye-catching designs, timeless styles, or contemporary minimalism—we have the ideal cone sleeve to suit every preference.


We are aware that in the world of confections, presentation is everything. Because of this, our cone sleeves combine design and utility to provide your consumers with an experience they won’t soon forget. Wrap your cones with stylish cone sleeves to make a statement!

Best Material Options for Cone Sleeves

The material is important to consider when selecting the ideal Ice Cream Cone Sleeves. We provide a carefully chosen range of cone sleeves made from three high-quality materials: cardstock, cardboard, and kraft.

Kraft Cone Sleeves

Kraft cone sleeves, well-known for their eco-friendliness, give your treats a charming rustic appearance. In addition to improving the visual appeal, the earthy, natural colors complement sustainable packaging techniques. Perfect for people who value elegance and environmental awareness equally.

Cardboard Cone Sleeves

These sleeves are unique in that they combine affordability and durability. These sleeves offer strong support in addition to colorful and imaginative printing possibilities. Ideal for companies looking for a low-cost option without sacrificing quality.

Cardstock Cone Sleeves

Whenever elegance is a must, cardstock cone sleeves steal the show. This high-end cloth is sophisticated and a great option for high-end events and brands that value a posh appearance. The quality feel and strong grip are guaranteed by the thicker cardboard.

Mastering Printing Techniques for Cone Sleeves

We are aware that the appropriate printing method may turn Ice Cream Cone Wrappers from simple packaging into a canvas that effectively conveys the essence of your company. Examine our extensive selection of printing choices, each one hand-picked to get your cones to the next level.

Digital Printing

For intricate designs and vibrant colors, digital printing is the go-to choice. This technique allows for unparalleled detail and flexibility, making it ideal for those looking to showcase intricate patterns or bold graphics on their cone sleeves. The result? Eye-catching sleeves that demand attention.

Offset Printing

Offset printing produces reliable, high-quality prints. This technique, which is well-known for its accuracy and faithfulness to color, is ideal for firms looking to give their cone sleeves a polished and professional appearance. Your branding will stay clear and vibrant thanks to offset printing, making a lasting impression.

Custom printed Cone Sleeves no minimum

Lithography Printing

Lithography gives cone sleeves a creative flair. For firms looking for a classy and classic look, lithographic printing is a favorite because of its skill in accurately reproducing intricate artwork. Give your cone sleeves a dash of artistic sophistication.

Gravure Printing

Gravure printing is the best method for generating large volumes of cone sleeves with a consistent finish. This process produces reliable, high-quality output, which makes it a cost-effective option for companies that require a lot of printing.


We provide a variety of printing methods to realize your idea. Our printing options suit every brand and event, from striking and colorful designs for Black Cone Sleeves to sophisticated and elegant graphics for White Cone Sleeves. 

Excellence Through Finishing Techniques for Cone Sleeves

Embark on an excursion of visual and tactile enjoyment with stunning cone sleeves, where our combination of finishing techniques transforms conventional packaging into a work of art.

Matte/Gloss Finish

Use our matte and gloss finishes to achieve the ideal harmony between refinement and vitality. A little of glitz is added by the gloss, while the matte finish radiates a soft elegance. Use this combination to personalise your Sugar Cone Sleeves and create a striking contrast that draws in customers.


Our cone sleeves with varnish or soft-touch finishes offer an opulent feel. The soft-touch finish provides a tactile experience that raises the perceived quality of your packaging, and the varnish coating adds a slight sheen to improve overall aesthetics. Treat your clients to cone sleeves that are beautiful to look at and feel.


You can use debossing and embossing techniques to give your cone sleeves a three-dimensional look. Provide depth and texture to provide the viewer with a distinctive tactile experience in addition to improving the aesthetic appeal. For a genuinely unique touch, add debossed designs or embossed logos to your two-color cone sleeves.

Spot UV/Die Cuts

Spot UV and die-cutting techniques let you express your creativity. Spot UV highlights particular regions with a shiny, raised appearance to attract attention to important design features. Use die cuts to create distinctive forms and windows that display the contents of your cone sleeves to create a dynamic and captivating experience.


In conclusion, GoTo Packaging is leading the charge in improving the cone sleeve experience. Our dedication to premium materials, cutting-edge printing methods, and excellent finishing touches guarantees that every cone sleeve is a symbol of the distinctiveness of your business. Our sleeves are made with premium materials and beautiful finishes, so they not only preserve your delights but also leave a lasting impression. Select GoTo Packaging to have cone sleeves that embody your brand identity in every mouthwatering cone, surpassing simple packaging.

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