Paper Food Boats

The premier source for high-quality paper food boats is GoTo Packaging. Our food boats are made to fit a variety of uses, including catering services, events, and more. Being made of eco-friendly materials, they offer a guilt-free way to serve your delectable dishes. Our paper food boats have a durable design that guarantees your delectable delicacies will be transported safely and undamaged. The boat-shaped design gives your meal presentation a dash of fun and novelty, exciting your clients and improving their eating experience.

Our food boats are functional and adaptable, making them ideal for a variety of foods like fries, nachos, popcorn, sliders, and more. Both your staff and consumers will find them convenient because they are made to be simple to grasp and consume food from. At GoTo Packaging, we give equal weight to functionality and quality. In order to guarantee that our paper food trays uphold the highest standards of sturdiness and dependability, they must pass stringent quality control procedures. We are dedicated to providing outstanding items that help your food business succeed.

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Custom paper food boats

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Best Custom Paper Food Boats at Low Prices

To serve a variety of delectable delights, GoTo Packaging offers high-quality paper food boats. These eco-friendly food boats offer a sustainable substitute for conventional food packaging because they are composed of natural materials. Our paper food boats are a great option for food trucks, festivals, parties, and any occasion that calls for practical and environmentally friendly food packing because of their strong construction and attractive design.

Your GoTo destination for Paper Food Boats with Customization That works for your business

All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Printing Options
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Paper Stock Options
10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft
E-flute Corrugated
Bux Board
100 - 500,000
Coating Options
Spot UV
Process Options
Die Cutting
Style Options
Custom Window Cut Out
Gold/Silver Foiling
Raised Ink
PVC Sheet
Proof Options
Flat View
3D Mock-up
Physical Sampling (On request)
Turn Around Time
4-6 Business Days

Paper Food Boats are Ideal for Efficient and healthy Dining

Enjoy hassle-free dining by using the adaptable paper food boats from GoTo Packaging. These eco-friendly and fashionable containers are made to enhance the display of your food and offer a practical way to savor a variety of delectable foods. You may sate your appetite and lessen your impact on the environment by using our paper food boats.


At GoTo Packaging, we recognize the value of both sustainability and practicality. Our custom paper food boats are made from robust, food-grade paper that is high-quality and grease-resistant, ensuring that your favorite dishes are delivered securely and without a mess. The boats’ practical flaps and tabs make assembling simple and guarantee that your food won’t spoil while being transported.


Our paper food boats are unique since they are environmentally friendly. They provide a more eco-friendly option to conventional food containers because they are made of renewable and compostable materials. By deciding to use our paper food boats, you are actively reducing waste and promoting a healthy environment. Our paper food boats are appropriate for a wide range of food items and come in a range of sizes and designs. For presenting your culinary creations, whether you’re offering fries, nachos, chicken tenders, or even desserts, our food boats are the ideal option. They enhance the overall presentation of your food with their endearing design and bright white color.

Paper Food Boats Made of High-End and Eco-Friendly Materials

In our paper food boats at GoTo Packaging, we place a high priority on using environmentally friendly materials. We provide a variety of choices, including kraft paper and cardboard, both of which are renowned for their toughness, longevity, and environmental friendliness. Kraft paper and cardboard are manufactured from recycled materials, minimizing the need for virgin resources because they are both made from natural and renewable sources. You are choosing to lessen your influence on the environment by selecting our Hot Dog Trays.


The superior grease resistance of kraft paper makes it the ideal material for serving a variety of delectable delights without sacrificing quality. It guarantees that both your food and your guests’ dining experiences are mess-free. Our kraft paper food boats’ durable design enables them to securely retain both hot and cold dishes, offering a dependable solution for all your food service requirements.


On the other hand, cardboard food boats provide more stiffness and structure, making them suited for heartier food items. They offer a solid solution for serving foods like loaded fries, nachos, or even tiny burgers because they are made to bear the weight and guarantee the stability of your dishes. Your food will be transported and consumed in perfect condition because of their sturdy design.


You may reduce trash and help the environment by using materials like kraft paper and cardboard, which are both compostable and biodegradable. By choosing our paper food boats, you promote sustainability for your company and demonstrate your dedication to green living.


Improve Food Presentation with Customised Paper Food Boats

To elevate your food presentation, GoTo Packaging offers a remarkable selection of Paper Food Baskets. You may design a spectacular dining experience that creates a lasting impression on your customers with the help of our individualized printing options, flawless finishing methods, and selection of chic styles.

Printing Techniques

You have the option to highlight your brand identity and improve the aesthetics of your food boats thanks to our cutting-edge printing capabilities. We provide a variety of printing techniques to make your vision come to life, whether you desire vivid colors, elaborate designs, or your logo is clearly shown. For rapid turnaround projects or short runs, choose digital printing. For larger runs and accurate color reproduction, choose offset printing. Whatever your printing requirements, we have the know-how to provide beautiful results.

Finishing Techniques

For your paper food boats, we offer a variety of finishing processes to provide that extra touch of elegance and refinement. Think about alternatives like glossy or matte coatings to improve visual appeal and offer a smooth texture. Debossing or embossing can provide depth and texture and give your customers a tactile experience. For adding metallic details or striking embellishments that improve the overall aesthetic of your food boats, foil stamping is ideal. By using these finishing methods, you can make your paper food boats stand out from the competition and provide diners with an enjoyable dining experience.

Stylish Options

We recognize the value of fashion and adaptability. You can choose the ideal container for your culinary creations from a choice of paper food boats, including traditional boat-shaped patterns, rectangular trays, and cone forms. Each aesthetic offers a distinctive look, ensuring that your food is artfully displayed and enticing to the eye. Our fashionable selections can accommodate a variety of food products and situations, whether you’re serving fries, tacos, sliders, or munchies.

You can create a work of art out of your food presentation with paper food boat packaging from GoTo Packaging. Utilize our flexible printing options, flawless finishing methods, and chic designs to produce a memorable dining experience for your clients. Improve your brand, demonstrate your culinary prowess, and make a good impression. Take a look at our selection of paper food boats today to start your journey toward an impressive food presentation.

Why Choose Us: 

For all of your requirements for paper food boats, use GoTo Packaging and enjoy quality in every way. We provide superior materials, eco-friendly solutions, and bespoke printing techniques to boost your food presentation as part of our unwavering dedication to quality. Our skilled team guarantees flawless craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, producing goods that adhere to the highest standards. We prioritize your pleasure and work hard to go above and beyond your expectations, from dependable customer service to on-time delivery. Trust GoTo Packaging for paper food boats that seamlessly blend elegance, sustainability, and utility to provide your guests with a great eating experience.


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