Making Your Luxury Packaging Stand Out And 7 Brands That Are Doing It Right!

Making Your Luxury Packaging Stand Out And 7 Brands That Are Doing It Right!

The definition of luxury packaging is not set in stone. That’s why it is crucial to adapt to the changes in trends, thus ensuring that your luxury product packaging is always on point. 

The evolution of luxury packaging has come to a point where it’s more geared towards offering an experience to consumers. Of course, the protection of the products is still a priority, but nowadays, luxury packaging is meant to accentuate the overall journey that a customer takes with a brand. 

That’s why brands must be vigilant and always tweaking their packaging to ensure they are hitting a home run. Why does it matter so much? As per Future Market Insights research, global luxury packaging sales are valued at USD 11.8 Bn (2021), and the market is expected to grow from USD 12.1 Bn in 2022 to USD 18.3 Bn by 2032. 

In addition, 72% of American consumers have admitted that the product packaging design has a bearing on their purchase decisions. Furthermore, 30% of businesses have reported an increase in revenue after improving product packaging. 

This article will discuss examples of different brands that are leveraging the power of luxury packaging. In addition, it will also discuss a three-pronged strategy on how to create luxury packaging for your products. 

All set? Let’s begin!

Brands That Are Pulling Off Luxury Packaging The Right Way

In today’s modern age, product packaging is more important than ever to a company’s success. With everyone valuing aesthetics and appearance so highly, brands must get creative with their product design to be remembered.

For luxury brands, appearances matter just as much as what’s inside the product when it comes to marketing.

Luxury Product Packaging
Source: Packaging of the world

In this article, we’ll explore the following best examples of luxury packaging designs that successfully build character and creativity into a brand:

  1. Rimmel London 
  2. Clavero Bakery
  3. Organique Pure 
  4. Beehive Cereal
  5. Ralph & Ruso 
  6. Roe & Co
  7. Rapha

1. Rimmel London 

With this innovative packaging design, Rimmel’s Wonder Luxe Volume Mascara is one product that will definitely turn heads. The fresh and unique pyramid case mirrors the daring and edgy persona of the Rimmel brand.

Luxury Packaging

The black, white, and pink contrast creates a look of luxury and sophistication. The black ribbon and embossed Rimmel slogan are subtle but add extra detail to the case.

This design clearly embodies the Rimmel character, which is fun, playful, and beautiful.

2. Clavero Bakery

The packaging for Clavero’s baked goods is so creative and well-designed that it makes the products look like high-end jewelry. The boxes are simple and minimalistic, yet they convey a sense of luxury, class, and elegance – something you wouldn’t expect from biscuits and cakes.

custom rigid packaging

By replicating the sort of packaging typically associated with high-end jewelry like rings and cufflinks, Clavero can evoke feelings of luxury and extravagance in its consumers.

This instance goes to show how much your average person will remember a brand or product if the packaging is designed well enough to create an experience.

3. Organique Pure 

Organique Pure’s minimal package design is a great example of how sometimes less can be more. In addition, Organique Pure is a skincare line made exclusively from natural and organic ingredients, which is something that many consumers today value highly.

Luxury Product Packaging

The packaging is designed to focus on product information, purpose, and fragrance type to attract the target market. Rather than marketing, this design emphasizes the product itself. The simplistic design of the cardboard box with a white label creates an elegant look, making the product seem luxurious.

In addition, the cardboard is entirely sustainable – it’s a win-win for Organique Pure.

4. Beehive Cereal

Beehive’s creative packaging for its honey squares cereal product is a refreshing departure from the typical boring cereal box design. This fun and practical small-sized tin incorporates elements of simplicity and style.

Beehive Cereal

Instead of a traditional box, Beehive has chosen a brightly-colored tin with an illustration of a bear (honey’s number one fan) on the front. Tins are generally associated with luxury foods such as biscuits, but Beehive has managed to make it work.

5. Ralph & Ruso 

Ralph and Russo’s packaging collection is the epitome of luxury, sophistication, and style.

Ralph & Ruso The soft grey hue with gentle rose gold accents is incredibly elegant and catches the eye immediately.

The Ralph and Russo logo is perfectly raised in gold foil on each box design, adding an extra element of luxury. To complement this, each box draw has been given a beautiful dark grey colored ribbon.

6. Roe & Co

Roe & Co, an Irish whiskey company, designed a box that can double as a cocktail preparation board. The front panel slides out so that bartenders have all they need to make drinks.

Luxury product packaging

Practical considerations aside, the whiskey bottle is encased in a beautiful hand-crafted bamboo box. The Roe & Coe logo is finely etched into the box, which makes it stand out against the brightly-colored green border. This creates an appealing rustic charm that any recipient would be proud to receive and display.

This luxury packaging is not only practical but also beautiful, creating a one-of-a-kind luxury experience. 

7. Rapha

This luxury packaging for Rapha’s new footwear product accurately reflects the brand’s high-end reputation in both the sports and lifestyle industries.

Luxury Product Packaging RaphaThis inner box was designed with style and sophistication in mind. The Rapha logo in silver foil is stunning against the white backdrop. The stark black and white image inside the box and the crisp white introduction sheet make the product feel more lifelike and real. Additionally, it creates an instant connection between the buyer and Rapha brand.

It’s the small details that matter when it comes to luxury packaging design. That is precisely what Rapha’s luxury packaging exemplifies. 

These are just seven examples of brands that are utilizing the power of luxury packaging to their advantage. You can use them as inspiration to figure out the best possible way for your brand to use luxury packaging as well. 

Ensuring That Your Luxury Packaging Stands Out

Surging consumer deliveries and the cautious reopening of retailers have made luxury packaging boxes an essential way to communicate a brand’s story and its position in the in-store marketplace.

After an unimaginably difficult year for retail businesses and the fashion industry, luxury packaging can help tempt customers back into stores or give them a truly unforgettable unboxing experience.

A luxury box can help a company regain customer loyalty and communicate its key messages effectively.

In a more and more competitive marketplace, where businesses are changing to meet new customer expectations, it is critical for brands to be different from their competitors and connect with consumers.

This is a make-or-break moment for retailers and luxury brands. We believe those who are willing to innovate can prosper, and those who are eager to adapt can flourish.

This three-step guide will give you easy solutions to make sure your luxury boxes are perfect for the recipient and enticing for someone who sees them in a store. The three steps are as follows:

  • Start By Understanding Your Product
  • Always Be Focused On Sustainability
  • Clearly Identify Your Sales Channels

Start By Understanding Your Product

Finding the right balance between product and luxury packaging can be tough, as we previously mentioned in our article outlining some great examples of luxury packaging design.

Last year, Burberry showed us all how important it is to understand your product, and they successfully managed to do this by incorporating their luxury packaging.

Burberry promised it would be plastic-free by 2025. They also chose to create paper packaging from recycled coffee cups as well.

The question is: how could it utilize materials with less-than-luxurious connotations while still appearing luxurious?

Luxury Product Packaging
Source: Burberry

Burberry came up with an ingenious solution. By creating a bow from the same materials used to make the box, Burberry was able to not only show how luxurious the product was inside the box but also mention its affluent history in an elegant way. This bow would go around each package elegantly, just like a gift you would get from an expensive store on Bond Street.

This boxing solution unifies the luxurious goods inside and demonstrates the brand’s values through its exterior. In other words, this extraordinary packaging design sees all of the qualities we connect with a Burberry product – elegant, fashionable, creative, and cool.

Always Be Focused On Sustainability

For years, experts have anticipated many of the pandemic’s introduced trends – one being the public’s call for more eco-friendly product packaging. However, this particular trend has been expedited by a few other conditions as well, such as people only wanting items with prolonged shelf life, popular fashion brands needing to cut down on expenses, and society overall understanding how vital it is to lessen our carbon imprint.

Our luxury packaging boxes can no longer include wasteful and unsound materials.

Suppose you don’t follow this new demand. In that case, you risk becoming irrelevant, and it’s a pointless endeavor because if the end result is seen as outdated, all the resources spent redesigning packaging would be wasted. Out of all the packing products we’ve published in our five key steps to outstanding product design, sustainability is probably the most important element.

The high-end fashion accessories brand Anya Hindmarch is a great example of how even brands with a strong sustainability commitment can benefit from rethinking their luxury packing boxes.

Luxury Packaging
Source: Anya Hindmarch

The importance of having a clear, concise message is something that Anya Hindmarch understands very well. The company wanted to improve the way they communicate its dedication to sustainability through its packaging. It does a great job of highlighting how effective eco-friendly packaging and messaging can be.

When we say, “we’ve seen Gucci impressively create new eco-friendly packaging,” what we mean is that their creative director, Alessandro Michele, put in the extra effort to make it happen. They used innovative inks and wallpaper designs to render the exterior of the packaging intricately. When a highly reputable fashion house does something like this, other businesses in the same industry feel obligated to do likewise.

Clearly Identify Your Sales Channels

When you’ve figured out your selling points, like an online or a physical store, you can start to envision how your luxury packaging boxes will look in comparison to those of your competitors.

Consider how your product’s packaging looks to consumers in brick-and-mortar stores. Does it display your company’s image the same way it would online?

For the best results, we recommend finding a solution that encompasses both physical purchases and online ordering.

With luxury online shopping being the new normal, it’s ideal to have a solution that weathers any outcome, especially during critical retail years such as the one before us.

Hermés packaging
Source: Hermés

Much like the Hermès brand, effective sales strategies must provide for all channels in an organized and efficient way. Again, Hermès has pulled it off wonderfully with its ‘resourceful orange box’. 

Hermès packaging is the total package. With an unforgettable in-store presence and superior unboxing experience, Hermès ensures that customers will have the same feeling of discovery and excitement that they would find shopping in-store. Plus, their packaging is memorable and reusable, so you can keep the hassle (and waste) to a minimum.

Hermès encourages consumers to repurpose their luxury boxes, giving them reasons to continuously purchase from the brand. Its website features suggestions of how customers can upcycle Hermès packaging.

Sales Pitch + CTA

In Conclusion

As we mentioned before, the right luxury packaging can help you close more sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

Luxury packaging can help your brand create a sensation around itself. Furthermore, it also helps you to dominate your market and execute effective branding campaigns. First, however, it is important to understand how luxury packaging works, which direction would be beneficial to your brand, and how to properly plan and execute the strategy.

Remember to focus on these key points:

  • Your Message Should Be Clear And Concise
  • Your Selling Strategy Should Encompass All Channels
  • Your Packaging Should Reflect Your Brand’s Image
  • Your Luxury Packaging Should Be Sustainable
  • Your Luxury Packaging Should Be Memorable And Upcyclable

By following these guidelines, you can be sure that your luxury packaging will make a lasting impression on your customers.

We hope this article has helped you identify the core values focused on when designing luxury packaging. If you still need more help, feel free to contact us, and let’s discuss your packaging needs in detail.

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