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Cardboard Packaging Trays Are a Game-Changer in Shipping and Storage

Packaging solutions that are sustainable and effective are critical in the fast-paced world of modern logistics. Shipping and storage methods have been completely transformed by cardboard packaging trays, which have proven to be true game-changers. Cardboard packing trays are essential for success in the packaging industry, as GoTo Packaging knows how important it is to keep ahead of the curve.


Packaging trays made of cardboard combine strength and environmental friendliness in the ideal amount. Because they are made of recyclable materials, their strength is maintained while their carbon imprint is minimized. These trays offer a sturdy framework that shields goods throughout transportation, guaranteeing they arrive at their destination undamaged.


The adaptability of cardboard packaging trays is one of its best qualities. They may be made to fit different product sizes and forms, so they provide a customized solution for any type of business. To improve efficiency and safety, cardboard trays can be customized to fit your individual needs, whether you’re delivering robust industrial equipment or fragile electronics.


Additionally, the cardboard trays’ lightweight design maximizes shipping expenses. Because cardboard trays are lighter than other options, they are a more affordable option for companies looking to streamline processes.

Material Options for Cardboard Packaging Trays

We are aware of how important it is to make the proper decision when choosing the material for your cardboard food trays. Our dedication to offering customized solutions starts with the choice of materials, where corrugated cardboard and paper board are two particularly noteworthy choices.

Corrugated Cardboard

The heavyweight champion of packaging materials is corrugated cardboard, which is renowned for its strength and durability. Corrugated cardboard packaging trays are composed of two strong liners and a fluted inner layer, providing excellent structural strength. They are therefore the best option for moving breakable objects, guaranteeing their safe arrival at their destination.

Paper Board

The paper board shows up as a flexible competitor for individuals searching for a more lightweight but dependable solution. Paperboard packaging trays are a versatile option for a range of items due to their smooth and flat nature. By striking a balance between flexibility and durability, they offer sufficient protection for your goods without adding needless weight.

Bright Colour Models for cardboard Packaging Trays

The color model you select has a big impact on how well your brand stands out on the shelves. With two primary color models, PMS and CYMK, that are intended to improve the aesthetic appeal of your cardboard trays, we provide a wide range of colorful possibilities.

CYMK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black)

CYMK is the preferred color model for producing vivid and intricate prints, making it perfect for applications requiring a broad spectrum of colors. Your package trays will act as a canvas for visually striking images in addition to providing protection for the contents thanks to this style, which is ideal for detailed designs and photographic photography. CYMK provides outstanding color fidelity, whether you’re highlighting brand features or showing a product line.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) 

For individuals who value accurate color matching, PMS provides a set of standard colors, each denoted by a unique code. This color model is a great option for upholding brand integrity since it guarantees uniformity between print runs. When precise color replication is needed for branding aspects, PMS works especially well, improving recognition and bolstering brand trust.

Chic Designs for Cardboard Packaging Trays

Design in packaging is more than simply aesthetics; it’s an effective means of expressing your brand’s personality. We provide a selection of chic cardboard packaging trays that are intended to improve both appearance and usefulness.

Cardboard Packaging Trays

Slipcase Cardboard Trays

Slipcase cardboard trays are a classy option for goods that need a little extra flair. These trays have a sliding cover that gives them a luxurious appearance in addition to an extra degree of protection. Slipcase trays are perfect for high-end goods and limited-edition merchandise since they enhance the unpacking process and create a memorable impression on your clients.

Folding Cardboard Trays

Cardboard trays that fold up to combine efficiency and style. The collapsible form of these trays makes construction and storage simple. Because of their folding shape, which maintains strength, they are a sensible option for companies trying to cut expenses on transportation without compromising packing quality. Additionally, their clean design gives your product presentation a contemporary feel.

Possibilities of Textures for Cardboard Packaging Trays

Texture is a small but powerful component in packaging that can improve your clients’ overall experience. With our assortment of texture options for cardboard food tray , you can use them to engage clients through touch engagement in addition to product protection.

Matte Texture

A classy and velvety feel is imparted to cardboard packaging trays by matte treatments. Brands who want to present their products in a modest yet elegant way will love this material. A variety of product types are complemented by the polished look that is made possible by the matte surface’s ability to prevent glare.

Glossy Texture

Glossy textures are perfect for an eye-catching and more colorful appearance. These textures give cardboard trays a glossy, reflective surface that brings out the colors and creates a powerful visual effect. Products that demand attention and a dash of flair are ideal candidates for glossy surfaces.

Linen Texture

For cardboard packaging trays, linen textures add a touch of refinement and a tactile aspect. This texture adds a delicate pattern that mimics the look and feel of linen fabric, enhancing the overall visual appeal. It’s a well-liked option for high-end and upscale goods.

Smooth Texture

For a traditional and adaptable look, smooth textures give the cardboard tray a polished and uncluttered surface. With its classic appearance, this texture works well with a variety of items. Because of its simplicity, branding, and customization are made simple, guaranteeing that your packaging perfectly reflects your company’s identity.


In conclusion, cardboard trays from GoTo Packaging completely transform the packaging process. We provide an adaptable selection that complements the concept of your company, ranging from creative designs to eco-friendly materials. Enhance your products with the ideal fusion of strength, style, and environmental friendliness. For cardboard trays that not only preserve but also leave a lasting impression, use GoTo Packaging.

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