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GoTo Packaging produces Mylar food storage bags and films for a range of uses that call for high-barrier packaging to keep out oxygen, moisture, and light. For the development of customized packages, we provide a range of colors, including translucent options. All of our materials, unless otherwise stated, meet the requirements for direct food and medicinal interaction. When laminated to aluminum foil, the Mylar pouch offers higher puncture resistance than any metalized polyester film, thanks to its tire resistance, chemical endurance, high tensile strength, and other properties.

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Nobody can deny the relevance of food safety and storage! We give you all the resources you require to assemble superior Mylar food bags. The only time Mylar Bags for Food are a superior option is when they are put together using a creative strategy while being guided by specific instructions. As a result, we have made it simple for you to select, personalize, and order in accordance with your requirements.

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Custom Mylar Bags Can Help You Catch People’s Eye

Are you attempting to draw attention to your business? Using personalized Mylar bags is a fantastic method to achieve this! These boxes are a wonderful method to highlight your goods and distinguish yourself from the competition. Mylar is a material that is used to give packages a more upscale and opulent appearance. It is a bright, metallic substance that will distinguish your products. We’ll talk about the advantages of employing personalized Mylar bags in this blog post and how they may enhance your company.

As a business owner, you are aware of the importance of creating a successful marketing strategy. Custom Mylar bags may be made to include your brand’s logo, colors, and text and are a striking way to increase your company’s visibility. Custom Mylar bags are the ideal marketing tool for any special deals or discounts you are running as a result of these appealing characteristics. Custom Mylar bags can help advance the marketing plan for your company by combining visual appeal and practicality.

Custom Mylar Food Storage Bags – Maintain Food Freshness

If you have ever experienced the issue of your coffee beans losing flavor after only a few days in their original packing, you are aware of how crucial it is to find a solution. A unique sort of plastic called mylar is utilized to make food storage containers. These bags are perfect for keeping spices, coffee beans, nuts, and other foods that you want to keep fresh for a long period in storage.

The nicest thing about mylar packaging is that it will stop any light from penetrating them and tainting the flavor or appearance of your food. They survive longer than the majority of other types of containers on the market today because they are significantly more resilient than cardboard boxes.

It’s critical to properly preserve food while you’re storing it. We provide our Mylar Bag for Food Storage for this reason.

Process for Manufacturing Custom Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags  With Durable Packaging Materials

Manufacturers produce Custom Printed Mylar Bags using a variety of aromatic and organic components. These substances must be treated carefully because they are very significant. GoTo Packaging produces inexpensive Mylar bags from materials that have gone through a lot of testing. These materials maintain a suitable internal temperature. Additionally, they maintain the food’s safety. You don’t have to worry about keeping your items contained because we provide premium Custom Mylar Bags to shield them from dampness and environmental pollutants. The fantastic themes and visuals printed on these bags will help you win your clients’ loyalty.

Options For Accessory

To offer your brand the best look and feel, the right materials, designs, and print options must be used. They must be utilized along with the proper add-ons. Here are a few illustrations of add-ons you might use: 


  • Window 
  • Die Cut
  • Tear Notch
  • Gusset
  • Rounded Corners 
  • Hang Hole

Decisions Regarding Finishing And Colour

Let the packaging for your brand speak for you. Your bespoke mylar bags will have an added element of surprise thanks to these finishing touches, which also wonderfully tie everything together. There are matte and glossy finishes to choose from.

Hot Foiling

Pre-dried inks or foils are applied to a surface using high temperatures, and the resulting relief is subsequently printed on it. These foils have a high degree of material contrast and quality, are very reflective, and enhance the overall appearance of your bag.

Soft Touch Finishing

Either a soft-touch laminate film or a soft-touch coating can be applied to the product’s surface to provide a soft-touch finish. This gives the bag a softer or slipperier feel, giving the user a completely unique tactile sensation.


Use our premium embossing to make your logo shine on your custom mylar bags and give your customers a memorable tactile experience.

UV Spotting

Spotting with UV Coating An example of a bag is one that has ultraviolet light applied to it. A gloss coating will be sprayed on certain areas of your bag, such as the corporate logo while leaving other areas matte-looking and uncoated. These marketing strategies convey quality and make your business stand out from the competitors.

Pros of Custom Mylar Bags

Regular sealer bags, such as plastic and Ziploc bags, can cause food products to deteriorate because they do not shield your goods from light, moisture, and odor. Compared to normal plastic/Ziploc bags, Mylar bags provide an effective oxygen and moisture barrier to help protect your product and maintain its freshness. We provide Custom Mylar Bags in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit your goods, both with and without Ziploc alternatives. GoTo Packaging additionally provides a full printing solution for your customized mylar bags.

Protection from Oxygen

Food that has been exposed to oxygen and sunshine may get discolored and lose its flavor and freshness. Mylar bags can be used to package a wide variety of dry goods, including food, seeds, and many kinds of herbal medicines. These bags are entirely odor-resistant thanks to the unique locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized oxygen from entering. GoTo Packaging offers a wide range of choices. Mylar Bags offer strong oxygen protection to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. Additionally, your product’s shelf life is enhanced by this.

Moisture Defense

Most of the time, if food is exposed to moisture, fungus, and bacteria can grow, which are very dangerous to human health. Our custom mylar bags are laminated with aluminum foil in multiple layers to protect the food from moisture. Our premium bespoke Mylar bags can be properly sealed and keep the food completely dry from outside sources of moisture. Food retains its freshness as a result, and shelf life has risen.

Light Protection

With a 4.0 mil thickness, Light Protection Custom Mylar Bags may totally block out the light. By preventing light from entering, the food is not heated, and your product remains colder.

Why Pick Us: 

You must be searching for a trustworthy mylar zipper bag supplier for your goods. Customizable, versatile Mylar bags are produced by GoTo Packaging under tight quality requirements. The premium eco-friendly bags made by our staff will make your products stand out on store shelves. In the US, shipping is cost-free. However, getting to other locations is just as easy, affordable, and safe.

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