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Mug Boxes

Mugs are delicate and brittle objects. They are often used to consume hot beverages like soups, hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. GoTo Packaging offers the perfect mug box forms and layouts that are both sophisticated and eye-catching. These boxes have the potential to grow into a significant revenue stream for your company.


We provide mug gift boxes that may be manufactured to order in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs with printed layouts and logos. The vivid printing makes it easier for customers to choose their preferred mug. These boxes are made by us with superior quality, which guarantees flawless printing. The creative team designs boxes in accordance with your needs rather than imposing its ideas on clients.


Our mug packaging boxes are easy to assemble and fold, which reduces the amount of time needed for packaging.GoTo Packaging guarantees to meet all of your unique packaging needs in the best way possible. The objective is to make your mugs appear stunning in a safe, presentable, and memorable way. 

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Best Mug Boxes at Low Prices

Are you looking for original design concepts for your cup box?   GoTo Packaging provides a variety of superb choices to satisfy all of your packaging requirements. To access a variety of design options for your personalized mug boxes, make use of our free design services. Our creative graphics team will offer you eye-catching design options that are ideal for your product after receiving your style concept. Our mug boxes for shipping glass packaging protect your mugs while also enhancing their appearance. Depending on the size of your mugs, boxes will be manufactured just for them.

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All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Printing Options
No Printing
Paper Stock Options
10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft
E-flute Corrugated
Bux Board
100 - 500,000
Coating Options
Spot UV
Process Options
Die Cutting
Style Options
Custom Window Cut Out
Gold/Silver Foiling
Raised Ink
PVC Sheet
Proof Options
Flat View
3D Mock-up
Physical Sampling (On request)
Turn Around Time
4-6 Business Days

Attractive And Secure Mug Boxes For Ideal Packaging Solutions

When it comes to displaying your prized coffee cups, our painstakingly designed and robust boxes for coffee mugs provide the ideal packing solution. At GoTo Packaging, we recognize the value of both appearance and security. To guarantee that your mugs arrive at their destination in mint condition, our mug boxes blend appealing design features with sturdy construction.

Our mug boxes are expertly made to suit different mug sizes tightly, preventing any movement during shipment. Our boxes’ sturdy construction ensures that they can endure the stresses of transportation, protecting your mugs from possible harm. Our boxes stand out due to how seamlessly practicality and aesthetic appeal are combined. Our mug boxes provide an added level of elegance to your packing, whether you’re a business owner trying to improve the way your products are presented or an individual delivering a meaningful gift.

Materials Used In Coffee Mug Box Manufacturing

At GoTo Packaging, we take pleasure in providing a wide selection of premium materials for creating outstanding mug boxes. We are aware that proper packing not only makes your mugs look better but also provides the required security while in transit.


Cardboard cup boxes are a well-liked option because of their adaptability and low cost. They offer a neat and stylish presentation, which makes them perfect for gift packaging and shop displays. Despite being very light, these boxes provide a trustworthy defense against slight jolts and shocks.


Rigid mug boxes are the pinnacle of style and toughness for customers looking for a premium packaging solution. These boxes, which are made of durable materials, provide excellent protection against external influences and guarantee that your mugs will arrive in perfect shape. The unboxing experience is made more opulent by the robust build.

Corrugated Packaging

When it comes to shipping boxes for mugs over longer distances or through potentially difficult handling, our corrugated mug boxes shine. Multiple layers in their distinctive design offer superior cushioning and shock absorption. They are, therefore, ideal for protecting your mugs from potential transportation-related jolts and vibrations.

Mug Boxes in Various Styles 

We provide a wide variety of packing options for your beloved mugs to meet your needs and tastes. Every mug is different, and GoTo Packaging believes that the packaging for each one should reflect that. View our selection of mug box designs below:

Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes

Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes combine efficiency, convenience, and elegance. These boxes are made to be simple to put together, saving you time and assuring a tight fit. Your mugs will remain securely in place while being stored and transported, thanks to the automated locking mechanism at the bottom. For companies who need a quick yet elegant packaging solution, this design is ideal.

1-2-3 Bottom Boxes

1-2-3 Bottom Boxes are a great option when dependability and adaptability are top requirements. These boxes have an easy folding technique; to build, just follow the numbered tabs. They are strong enough to safeguard your mugs throughout shipping and handling, thanks to the triple-layered bottom. You have many customization possibilities, so you may incorporate your branding for a unique touch.

Seal End Boxes

Seal End Boxes are the best option for packaging that is safe and tamper-evident. Your mugs will be safe in these boxes from potential tampering or contamination thanks to the sealed end that adds an added layer of security. They are excellent for shipping as well as retail displays because of the secure closure mechanism. Additionally, their sophisticated design puts the front and center of your mug, leaving an impression on your recipients.

Add-On Options to Upgrade Your Mug Boxes 

Every packaging experience should be memorable, according to GoTo Packaging. For this reason, we provide a selection of alluring add-on alternatives to improve the aesthetics of your mug boxes. When you select one of our add-on features, you are doing more than merely packaging mugs; you are giving your customers a memorable unboxing experience.

Spot UV

Spot UV, a method that gives particular design elements a shiny and tactile dimension, will make your mug boxes glow. This high-impact finish gives your package an added touch of refinement while also catching the eye.

Gloss Finish

Add a nice gloss coating to your cup boxes to improve their visual appeal. Your boxes will be irresistible to touch and admire thanks to the smooth, reflecting surface, which not only brings out the color of objects but also emits a luxury sense.


With embossed patterns that give your cup boxes a raised feel, create a tactile masterpiece. The richness and refinement that embossing gives to your package make it stand out and entices customers to eagerly examine its contents.


Debossing imprints your graphics into the surface of the cup box for a subdued yet powerful effect. As a consequence, your packaging will have a chic, recessed design that exudes sophistication.


With the use of foiling, which involves adding metallic or holographic accents to your designs, you can add a hint of grandeur to your mug boxes. This choice provides a touch of elegance that enchants the senses, whether it is gold, silver, or a dazzling holographic foil.

Die Cuts

Die cuts can be used to give your mug boxes distinctive shapes and windows, letting you express your creativity. There are countless ways you can display your mugs; add handles for simple carrying, or both.

Why Choose Us:

Choose GoTo Packaging for your Mug Boxes because we combine cutting-edge design, high-quality materials, and exact craftsmanship. Our dedication to quality guarantees that your mugs will be packaged in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. We turn ordinary packaging into a spectacular unboxing experience, making a lasting impact on your customers with a variety of personalization options and add-ons. The convergence of creativity, quality, and customer happiness at GoTo Packaging will raise the level of your brand.

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