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Magnetic Rigid Boxes

The market has been supplied with the ideal packaging for keeping and gifting fragile products like jewelry, ornaments, and mirrors, as well as mobile phones and cosmetics. The ideal way to show your pricey and fragile objects in a classy manner while providing complete protection from breakage and damage is with magnetic closure rigid boxes. The box is kept closed by the magnetic enclosure, which also stops the contents from spilling out. These boxes can be completely customized in terms of their size, shape, color, and design. These boxes are renowned for their robust exterior and versatility. These boxes have inserts inside of them that hold the objects in their slots fixed. The magnetic boxes are unique, magnificent packaging that gives the goods a more opulent presentation. They are a part of the family of display boxes.

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Best Custom Magnetic Rigid Boxes & Packaging at Low Prices

Do you desire distinctive magnetic rigid boxes that can be used as a marketing strategy for your pricey goods? If the answer is yes, you’ve found the proper site.  Magnetic rigid boxes from GoTo Packaging are available in a variety of unique sizes and forms to suit your needs.


To bring stock rigid boxes to life, we rely on the most recent printing technologies as well as the right color models. Additionally, we provide a wide range of customizations, from seductive add-ons to appealing finishing coats. What are you still holding out for? Call us right away to place an order or to learn more about our magnetic closure rigid packaging options!

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Gold/Silver Foiling
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Exquisite Magnetic Rigid Boxes to Elevate Your Products

Are you looking for packaging that not only beautifully displays your items but also assures their safety? Look no further than our magnificent selection of rigid boxes with unique magnetic closures. These boxes are ideal for fragile things or exceptional gifts because they are made to offer a sense of exclusivity and elegance to your products.


These boxes’ magnetic closure function offers a safe and simple packaging solution. Your products are held in place by the powerful magnetic force, preventing any inadvertent openings or damage during travel. These boxes, which are made of strong and long-lasting materials, provide your treasured belongings with the best protection possible.


In addition to improving functionality, the magnetic closure gives the box a more upscale appearance. Customers are immediately drawn in by the expensive and classy feeling it creates. These opulent boxes act as an effective marketing tool, making a lasting impression and luring customers to investigate the contents. You have the freedom to customize our rigid boxes with custom magnetic boxes in accordance with the ideals of your company. You may quickly alter the boxes to fit your products’ needs by selecting the style, size, and shape that you prefer. 

What are Rigid Magnetic Boxes? 

Rigid magnetic boxes are highly practical for any kind of packing. With their rapid opening and closing, the magnetic boxes give your product a very premium aspect. Use magnetic cardboard gift boxes or robust wood stock for the initial phase of this simple yet efficient design. The second step is to insert the front box divider between two flat magnet plates. The magnets congregate and close the top tightly as you move the flap to close the box.


The term “flip-top boxes with magnetic closures and magnetic catches” is most usually used to describe these containers.


Materials of the Highest Quality for Magnetic Rigid Boxes

Finding the ideal balance between aesthetics and quality when it comes to packing is crucial. At GoTo Packaging, we provide a broad selection of custom magnetic closure boxes that blend durability and beauty.


For our magnetic rigid boxes, we only utilize the highest-quality materials because our designers are dedicated to delivering excellence. With options including cardboard, paper, Bux board, and corrugated materials, you can select the one that best satisfies your packaging requirements. These components are carefully chosen for their durability and dependability to keep your items secure and safe.


In addition to premium materials, our designers use a variety of ways to improve the visual attractiveness of your boxes. We can produce eye-catching designs that highlight the distinctiveness of your brand and products using services like die-cutting, scoring, perforation, and glue. We pay close attention to every little thing to make sure your magnetic rigid boxes are appealing to the eye and leave a good impression on your clients. We also give environmental sustainability a priority when developing packaging solutions. We switch to soy-based ink from petroleum-based ink to reduce our environmental effects. 

Printing Techniques for Custom Magnetic Rigid Boxes

At GoTo Packaging, we are aware of how important printing methods are in converting digital artwork into alluring visual representations. We provide the following printing techniques to make sure your custom magnetic rigid boxes correctly display your designs:

Digital Printing Technique

Modern technology is used in our digital printing process to create colorful, high-resolution prints. It is perfect for artwork with complex patterns, gradients, and many colors. We can faithfully recreate your brand’s logo, graphics, and text using digital printing, giving your magnetic rigid boxes an elegant appearance.

Offset Printing Technique

We provide offset printing for improved color accuracy and clarity. Ink is transferred using this technique from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the packing material. Offset printing produces great picture quality, rich details, and accurate color reproduction. It guarantees uniform results across all of your custom magnetic rigid boxes and is especially well-suited for large print runs.

Finishing Coats For Stock Rigid Boxes

It shows the brand’s dedication, effort, and vision, encouraging customers to trust your goods. If not, there are thousands of competitors selling the same product. Your packaging ought to pique the interest of potential customers. Our exact finishing methods produce a bright-end product that gives the piece the extra spark it needs. finishing methods such as:


  • UV Spot
  • Varnishing
  • Matte Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination


Gloss lamination is a thin plastic film that adds luster and an additional layer of defense against liquid spills. Most customers choose this because lamination is an easy and affordable way to enhance the appearance of your magnetic closure rigid boxes.

Get a Variety of Style Options in Our Custom Magnetic Boxes

The demand for rigid boxes with magnetic closures has skyrocketed due to their numerous applications. At GoTo Packaging, we provide a variety of design possibilities to give these magnetic rigid boxes a special touch. Our custom magnetic closure packaging can be made in non-collapsible or collapsible forms to suit your needs.

Built-Up Magnetic Boxes

Some clients like magnetic boxes that have already been assembled and are neither stackable or foldable. These finished boxes may cost more to ship and handle, but they guarantee that the decoration and look won’t be damaged. These robust boxes are perfect for securing pricey things that need special handling and care.

Folding Magnetic Boxes

We provide the ideal fusion of aesthetically pleasing design and structural reliability with our folding magnetic boxes. These boxes are effortlessly foldable without sacrificing their sturdiness or aesthetic appeal. They take up less room in storage and during shipment as a result, which reduces the cost of shipping.

Magnet and ribbon packages

In addition to the two types listed above, we also provide rigid packaging boxes with magnetic closures that have a special characteristic. The magnetic lid of the magnetic ribbon boxes has a ribbon that is linked to it. This ribbon does two tasks at once: it secures the box lid and elevates the presentation as a whole. 

Why Choose Us:

GoTo Packaging offers custom magnetic boxes in a variety of forms and sizes. Additionally, we can custom-make them for you with a wide range of personalization options. Additionally, we provide a variety of sampling choices so you can experience the final product. So give us a call right now, and let’s talk about how we can create unique packaging for your company.

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