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You can better entice customers with your customized ice cream packaging, giving you the opportunity to boost sales. We provide a variety of customization options, such as numerous package material selections, hip add-ons, luxurious finishing coatings, useful color models, and successful printing methods. When placing an order with us, you can also request samples. What are you still holding out for? Give us a call right now, and we’ll start working on your ice cream boxes right away!

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samples kit $75
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Printed die cut samples $250

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Best Ice Cream Boxes & Packaging at Low Prices

When selecting the ideal ice cream packaging box, it’s crucial to go with a durable option that can withstand and maintain severe cold. Additionally, ice cream containers should make it simple to access the product for unpacking. Not to mention, your product sells more, and the more attractive the printing on your ice cream boxes is. For all of the aforementioned needs, our customized ice cream cartons are the ideal option, making them your top pick.

You should choose our sturdy yet lightweight ice cream cartons with stunning printing.GoTo Packaging is committed to developing boxes that properly fit your needs and specifications as your ice cream packing box provider.

Your GoTo destination for Ice Cream Boxes with Customization That works for your business

All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Printing Options
No Printing
Paper Stock Options
10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft
E-flute Corrugated
Bux Board
100 - 500,000
Coating Options
Spot UV
Process Options
Die Cutting
Style Options
Custom Window Cut Out
Gold/Silver Foiling
Raised Ink
PVC Sheet
Proof Options
Flat View
3D Mock-up
Physical Sampling (On request)
Turn Around Time
4-6 Business Days

What Are Ice Cream Boxes?

Ice cream is typically kept in boxes that are used for packing. Depending on how much ice cream you plan to store, it can be made from a variety of materials. Additionally, if you choose ice cream containers with custom printing, you will have total creative control over your packaging. 

Packaging Materials for Personalised Ice Cream Boxes

Our custom boxes for ice cream are created from a variety of heat- and moisture-resistant paper-based packaging materials that are safe for frozen desserts to be packaged in. We produce ice cream cartons in premium, food-grade packaging. Additionally, ice cream packaging cartons made of ecological and biodegradable materials are available. Therefore, the material used for packaging can be Kraft, white paper, cardboard, virgin paper, or corrugated material. Additionally, you can use various design templates to adorn your custom printed ice cream cartons. This is the ideal strategy for drawing potential clients’ attention to your business.

Eco-Friendly Kraft

Made from recycled materials, our eco-friendly kraft ice cream cartons are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They are sturdy enough to be used repeatedly and may be tailored to fit any brand or product.


We also provide ice cream in robust cardboard boxes in a variety of colors and sizes. For people who wish to sell their goods at markets or other outdoor events, this kind of packaging is a perfect option.


We provide corrugated ice cream boxes as a more robust alternative. These are ideal for goods that must be delivered or kept in storage for extended periods of time.

Since each customer has different needs, we provide a range of materials and sizes. Furthermore, we have a team of experts who can help you choose the ideal material.

Ice Cream Boxes & Printing Technique

Whether you are ordering straightforward cone sleeves or bulk ice cream packaging, it is crucial to pick the appropriate printing method. Why? Because they are so important in determining the print quality, you’ll get and the price of the packing. The printing methods listed below are provided by GoTo Packaging:


  • Offset Printing Technique
  • Digital Printing Technique

Offset Printing

 This is an excellent alternative for individuals who require their items printed with the finest quality in mind. We make use of the most advanced offset printing technology to ensure that your things are printed to the highest standards.

Digital Printing 

Digital printing is the best option for those who require quick turnaround times on their printed goods. We employ the most recent digital printing technology to ensure that your things are printed to the highest standards.

Are You Ready To Customize Your Ice Cream Boxes?

Ice cream in a box that sticks out from the competitors will have an easier time gaining customers. The following customizations are available from GoTo Packaging:


  • Add-Ons For Packaging A Custom Ice Cream Box
  •  Finishing Coats  For Packaging A Custom Ice Cream Box

Add-Ons For Packaging A Custom Ice Cream Box

You must choose add-ons if you want your customers to feel special when engaging with ice cream in boxes. These extra adjustments improve the client experience while making your package more useful.  From GoTo Packaging, the following add-ons are available:

Spot UV

Your packaging will gleam and have more depth if you use our spot UV treatment. It is an excellent option for businesses who want their products to stand out on store shelves because it can be applied to any area of the ice cream box, including logos, text, graphics, and patterns.


If you’re looking for something genuinely unique, consider using our foiling service. Any element of the ice cream carton, including logos, text, pictures, and patterns, can be covered in foil. It’s a fantastic method to set your food packaging out from the competition.


Our embossing solution is a terrific method to give your package more depth and substance. Any area of the custom ice cream box can be embossed with text, photos, logos, or patterns. It’s a great way to add a premium, elegant touch to your products.


Adding dimension and texture to your packaging is easy with our debossing service. Any aspect of the ice cream box, including the logos, text, graphics, and patterns, can be debossed. It’s a terrific method to add opulence and high-end appeal to your products.

Finishing Coats  For Packaging A Custom Ice Cream Box

Do you want to boost the visual attractiveness of your wholesale ice cream packaging? Use finishing coats if you can! They can add a protective layer around your ice cream boxes in addition to improving their aesthetic appeal.  The finishing coats that GoTo Packaging provides are as follows:


A matte finish gives your products a sleek, sophisticated look that is sure to catch the eye of potential customers. Additionally, it provides excellent defense against scratches and fingerprints, making it ideal for ice cream bar packaging.


Your products will stand out on store shelves thanks to our gloss coating’s vibrant, shiny appearance. You may be confident that your products will always look their best because it is simple to clean.


Our soft-touch coating has a velvety feel that will enchant clients. It is ideal for ice cream packing as well as other sorts of food and is available in a variety of vibrant colors.


Your product will have a smooth, upscale appearance with our satin coating, which can be used on any kind of ice cream carton. For those that want their packaging to stand out from the competition without being overly flashy or extravagant, it’s a perfect option.

Why Choose Us:

GoTo Packaging provides cost-effective ice cream packaging of the highest caliber.

Our packaging design specialists will collaborate with you to develop a distinctive and captivating design that captures the essence of your company.

To make sure that your package looks fantastic and protects your goods, we also use quality materials and cutting-edge printing techniques.

Therefore, GoTo Packaging is the only company you need to consider if you’re seeking for an ice cream box packing supplier. We are here to assist you in turning your vision for product packaging into a reality. To begin, get in touch with us immediately.

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