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We provide custom poly mailers as a multi-use packaging solution designed to protect and convey various items. Thanks to the strong polyethylene material that was employed in their manufacture, these mailers provide excellent resistance to ripping, punctures, and moisture. 


Because of their lightweight construction, they provide affordable transportation options while maintaining the integrity of the contents. Our poly mailers are easily customizable to meet specific branding requirements. Businesses can add their logos, colors, and advertising messaging to produce elegant packaging. There is no need for additional tape or packing materials because the mailers have a secure self-sealing adhesive strip. This convenience improves packing efficiency overall in addition to saving time. 

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Custom Poly Mailers at Low Prices

Looking for a practical, affordable solution to ship goods while simultaneously enhancing your 

brand? To easily add your brand or personalized message to product shipments, use custom poly mailers instead of cardboard or corrugated boxes. They are weather- and tear-resistant alternatives.


Shipping bags are lightweight and inexpensive since they are made of flexible polyurethane, which equates to savings that can be reinvested in your company.


Start by selecting the custom poly mailer size and orientation at GoTo Packaging that best suits your requirements, then upload your catchy image or logo. Your mailbox-ready poly bags will be delivered when you’re finished, and we’ll take it from there.

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All Custom Sizes & Shapes
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Paper Stock Options
10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft
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100 - 500,000
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Spot UV
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Die Cutting
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Custom Window Cut Out
Gold/Silver Foiling
Raised Ink
PVC Sheet
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3D Mock-up
Physical Sampling (On request)
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4-6 Business Days

Distinguish Your Brand with Custom Poly Mailer Bags

In the cutthroat world of e-commerce and shipping, GoTo Packaging is aware of the value of leaving a lasting impression. Because of this, we provide wholesale custom poly mailers, a revolutionary solution for your packaging requirements. With our personalized poly mailers that not only protect your items but also express your distinctive brand story, you can elevate your brand and stand out from the competition.

As soon as your product is delivered, our Custom Poly Mailer Bags will help you make a statement. You may provide your clients with a memorable unboxing experience by using vivid colors, strong logos, and attention-grabbing visuals. These strong and lightweight mailers not only shield your goods from the weather but also give your shipments a polished, branded look.

Custom Poly Mailer for Durable and Flexible Packaging

When it comes to packaging materials, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) stand out as the top choices due to their remarkable durability and flexibility. GoTo Packaging offers custom poly mailers wholesale constructed from these high-quality materials because we recognize how important it is to choose the appropriate materials for your packaging requirements.

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene is a wonderfully adaptable and widely used material in the field of packaging. PE Poly Mailers, famous for their durability and outstanding tear resistance, provide the highest level of protection for your goods throughout travel. Its versatility makes managing to accommodate products of various sizes and forms simple. Additionally, the lightweight nature of PE results in significant shipping cost reductions.

Polypropylene (PP)

Another outstanding option for personalized Poly Mailers that actually excel is polypropylene. In addition to their natural toughness, PP Mailers offer exceptional moisture resistance, protecting your items from bad weather. These mailers are perfect for products that need extra protection when traveling.

Types of Poly Mailer Bags

The security of your product shipments can be considerably improved by effective packaging. Due to its durability, adaptability, and affordability, poly mailer bags have gained popularity in a variety of industries. But not every poly mailer is created equal. GoTo Packaging offers a wide variety of custom poly mailer alternatives to meet your specific shipping needs. Here, we list the top six subcategories of poly mailers that we could find.

Clearview Poly Mailers

These clear poly mailers are great for displaying your products while keeping them safe throughout transit. Businesses who want to leave a lasting first impression on their clients should use Clearview poly mailers.

Layflat poly mailers 

Layflat poly mailers are made to remain flat, which makes sealing and packing them a snap. They give a snug fit and minimize unnecessary packaging material, making them a great option for sending products like books, clothing, and documents.

Compostable Poly Mailers 

Compostable poly mailers are the best option for companies that care about the environment. These environmentally friendly mailers degrade naturally and don’t leave any dangerous residues behind. They reduce your carbon impact while being a sustainable delivery option.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are a dependable option if your products need extra padding and protection. Fragile or sensitive products are given an extra layer of security by the integrated bubble wrap lining, ensuring they arrive at their destination undamaged.

Tyvek poly mailers

Tyvek poly mailers are renowned for their superior tear and puncture resistance. They are ideal for shipping objects with hefty or sharp edges that require strong protection. These mailers are extremely strong while being lightweight.

Recycled poly mailers

Recycled poly mailers are a sustainable choice for companies dedicated to recycling and waste reduction. You can help create a more sustainable future by using these mailers, which are manufactured from post-consumer materials.

Coating Techniques for Custom Poly Mailers

When it comes to packaging, selecting the correct coating can significantly affect how memorable and impactful your items are presented. For custom poly mailers with logo, GoTo Packaging offers a variety of coating processes to make sure your packages not only protect their contents but also leave a good impression. Let’s investigate the numerous coating choices we offer:

Matte Coating

When you want your poly mailers to have a refined and attractive appearance, matte coating is a common alternative. For branding that requires delicacy and expertise, it lowers glare and offers a soft, non-reflective finish.

Gloss Coating

Contrarily, gloss coating produces a highly reflective, high-shine finish that commands attention right away. It makes pictures and colors more vibrant and pop off the box. Glossy poly mailers are excellent for displaying colorful and striking patterns.

Varnish Coating

Your bespoke poly mailers will have a polished and expert appearance thanks to the varnish coating, which adds a clear, protective covering. It not only improves the look but also adds more resilience, making sure your packages can endure the stresses of shipping.

Soft-Touch Coating

The best covering is a soft touch for a plush, tactile sensation. Your poly mailers will stand out and make a lasting impression thanks to the velvety texture they produce.

Film Coating

A flexible choice, film coating can produce a variety of effects, such as holographic, metallic, or even a frosted appearance. You can express your creativity and highlight the distinctiveness of your business.

UV Coating

Your poly mailers will have a glossy look and an additional layer of protection thanks to UV treatment. It is suitable for both design-heavy and heavy-duty packaging needs since it increases both visual appeal and durability.

Aqueous Coating

Your custom poly mailers’ overall appearance is improved by aqueous coating, a water-based protective layer that resists scratching. It’s a quality-conscious environmentally friendly option.

Why Choose Us:

Custom poly mailer bags can be packaged by GoTo Packaging with unrivaled quality and flexibility. Using GoTo Packaging, you can precisely tailor your packaging to your brand identity and product requirements. Because of their focus on using eco-friendly materials, you can be sure that your packaging is not only aesthetically beautiful but also environmentally responsible. You can rely on GoTo Packaging to enhance the way your items are displayed, protect them throughout delivery, and contribute to the environment. GoTo Packaging is the best choice if you want truly unique Cheap custom poly mailers.

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