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Vape Packaging

Are you looking for distinctive vape packaging? We at Goto Packaging have numerous stocks and finishing options available. We offer vape boxes in cardstock, Kraft, corrugated, or any other material of your preference with embossing, debossing, or raised ink. However, we have a team of skilled professionals who will guide you on the choice of stock and other vape boxes designing options.

All orders are delivered before their estimated deadlines. In case of any issue, we actively communicate with our clients. If you have any questions regarding custom vape packaging, feel free to shoot your questions via email, phone, or chat.

What is Vaping? The vaping is the way of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol, often referred to as vapor, which is produced by an e-cigarette or similar device. Grab our customized vape cartridge packaging of high-quality printing material.

Just make your vape brand recognized in the market by availing our elegant vape cartridge packaging box designs. So, make your vapes encase in our high quality and stylish vape boxes. Our skilled and qualified manufacturers create innovative and classy custom vape cartridge boxes. Our vape boxes keep vape products breakage free and also in its original form.

We offer new, ingenious, creative ideas and vape designs to make your essential smoking brand unique among other vape manufacturing brands and companies. Our experts create custom printed vape boxes exactly as per your requirements that not only attract and mesmerize smokers but also boost your sales.

We offer Durable Vape Packaging Materials.

We offer durable materials for vape packaging. Our experts offer sustainable vape box material as protection is the first priority. We at GoTo Packaging offers custom vape cartridge boxes that are highly durable and ensure that your inside vape product will remain protected and intact.

The following are some of the materials which we offer for vape packaging:

Kraft Vape Boxes

The Kraft is an environmentally friendly material. However, the kraft box protects the vape products nicely because of its little sturdy texture. Hence, the kraft boxes are really light in weight, which is very easy to handle and carry. Thus, the kraft vape boxes are recyclable and sustainable.

Card Stock Vape Boxes

The card stock material vape boxes are light in weight. The card stock vape boxes keep the vape bottles breakage free. The cardstock is a durable material and good for local shipments. So, you can modify the card stock vape boxes according to your desired choice with the help of our designers.

Corrugated Vape Boxes

The corrugated material vape packaging box is thicker in texture as compared to kraft and cardstock material vape box. Therefore, the corrugated material vape box provides the maximum safety for sending your vape boxes internationally.

Further, the corrugated material vape boxes comprise of two flat linerboards and flutes for more protection. Moreover, you can change the flute thickness for your vape box according to your choice.

Rigid Vape Boxes

The rigid is the thickest and high-end material for vape packaging. This material vape box enhances the vape product standard amazingly. Thus, the vape bottles are very sensitive for international shipping, so get this box to keep your vapes breakage-free. Further, we offer rigid material vape box for luxury and gift vape packaging as well.

Popular Styles in Vape Boxes

We at GoTo Packaging embrace the vape packaging by giving vape boxes awesome styles. The vape boxes look beautiful after the addition of graceful opening styles. The following are some of the popular styles in vape boxes which we offer:

Tuck-End Vape Boxes

We offer tuck end boxes in three types, the one is straight-end, the second is auto-lock bottom, and the third is reverse-end boxes. Each tuck-end box has its own function. Hence, you can grab the tuck-end vape box of your own choice.

Two-Piece Vape Boxes

The vapes look attractive in a two-piece box style. This box has a base and the lid which don’t come in contact with each other. Moreover, you can customize the two-piece type of vape box further as well. Our designers can customize the color of the vape box. You can also add a window option on the upper part of the two-piece vape box. Like this, you can give inside look into the elegant vapes.

Sleeve Vape Boxes

The sleeve vape box comprises a sliding sleeve over the box. However, the sleeve vape boxes provide double protection. Further, we can personalize your sleeve vape boxes design by adding elegant options. Our designers can also add perforation techniques on the vape boxes as well by using different geometrical shapes.

Mailer Vape Boxes

The vapes look amazing in mailer boxes. The mailer vape boxes add great quality and dignity to the vape bottles. You can present this kind of box style for gifts as well.

Display Vape Packaging

This display vape packaging is the best one to showcase your vapes elegantly in a retail shop, etc. The attractive vape display packaging designs compel the customers to buy your vapes more.
Add Great Printing Options on the Vape Boxes

There are various printing options and ideas which we can inscribe on the vape boxes. So, avail our enticing printing patterns to make your vape boxes look alluring. Therefore, the following are some of the features that you can avail of for your vape boxes.

Spot UV Vape Packaging
Die-Cutting Vape Packaging
Embossing & Debossing on Vape Packaging
PVC Window Vape Packaging
 Foiling on Vape Packaging

Lock in the Vape Packaging Graphical Colors by Availing Our Coatings

Adding coating on the boxes is a very important step in vape packaging. It locks in all the graphical art of the vape boxes. The following are some of the popular coatings which we offer:

UV & AQ Vape Packaging Coating

Aqueous coating is aquatic-based. This coating is considered as the default of all coatings because of its low price and high efficiency.

Aqueous vape packaging coating offers a low gloss polish that provides a bit of roughness to the boxes but not overly that it diverts the appreciations. Whereas the ultraviolet vape packaging coating alternatively produces a glossy look just like gloss lamination.

Matte Vape Packaging Coating

Matte coating is best suitable for luxury vape boxes. The matte vape packaging coating is stylish and classy. Therefore, the matte coating gives a deep color to the vape boxes.

Gloss Vape Packaging Coating

Gloss coating is a finish that is applied to the vape packaging after printing. The gloss vape packaging coating is very slick and shiny. Thus, it gives a very smooth appearance to the vape boxes. The gloss coating makes vape boxes to pop out more.


At GoTo Packaging, we use high-quality materials to ensure that our CBD packaging keeps your product fresh and potent for as long as possible. Our packaging protects your product from external elements such as light, air, and moisture that can compromise its quality.

Yes, we are committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable materials for our CBD packaging at GoTo Packaging. Our packaging is made from recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials, and we take steps to minimize our environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process.

Our CBD packaging is designed to be easy to use and store. We offer a range of customizable packaging options to fit your product size and shape. Our packaging is also designed to be lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport and store.

At GoTo Packaging, we prioritize quality, functionality, and design in our CBD packaging. We create packaging that meets the needs of our customers and provides a seamless customer experience. We also offer customizable options to meet the unique needs of each customer.

We follow strict manufacturing processes and quality control standards at GoTo Packaging to ensure the highest quality CBD packaging. Our team of experts works closely with our customers to develop packaging solutions that meet their unique needs.
We also conduct regular quality control checks to ensure our packaging meets industry regulations and safety standards.

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