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Tray Packaging

Packaging is a key component of product marketing.GoTo Packaging offers Tray Packaging that is completely customizable using our heat stamping and die-cutting procedures after taking into account all of your packaging requirements. As the name implies, these trays come in all different sizes and forms and can be customized to meet your needs. To make your Tarys Packaging more attractive, you may select from our glossy special effects or the full-color printing option.

custom printed Tray Packaging

Why Should You Purchase Our Tray Packaging?

Tray packing gives your customized boxes a refined touch. They function properly and have a nice appearance. This lovely sleeve doubles as a cover for the tray underneath it. For presenting and storing confections, CBD products, and other goods, use this attractive custom packaging. If you’ve been putting off placing an order with GoTo Packaging, this is the ideal time. Custom tray packaging is a very effective way to market and advertise your product.

What is Tray Packaging?

The purpose of tray packing, a type of packaging, is to provide objects with a stable and secure container. It is frequently made from easily handled, durable, lightweight materials like kraft paper or cardboard. Trays can be used to package a wide range of commodities, including food and beverage products, medical supplies, electronics, and more.

One of the key benefits of trays is that they provide a useful method for transporting and displaying things. The trays are easy to stack and move, and they can be displayed on store shelves or in other retail locations. Tray packing can also be modified by adding inserts, printing, and other features in order to meet the particular needs of different products and industry sectors.

Suitable Materials For Packaging Trays

The lifespan of the trays is significantly influenced by the material selection. Because of this, customers appreciate that we carefully select the materials for our boxes. 

The materials that can be used to build Disposable Tray Packaging are listed below. Any of these things may be chosen by you for purchase.

  • Kraft Tray Packaging
  • Cardboard Tray Packaging

Kraft Tray Packaging

Kraft paper is a kind of paper created from wood pulp. It is commonly used in packaging since it is strong, durable, and sustainable. Kraft tray packaging is used across a variety of industries because it is economical, durable, and environmentally beneficial.

Cardboard Tray Packaging

Cardboard is a popular material for packing because of its durability, adaptability, and lightweight. 

Amazing Printing Options For Wholesale Tray Boxes 

For wholesale tray boxes, you can use any printing technique;

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Flexography Printing 

May select between two alternative printing colors. You have the choice of choosing colors using either CMYK or PMS when printing for packaging trays. 

If you’re seeking inexpensive color selections, use CMYK. If you want to have access to a larger array of color options, PMS is the best choice. 

PMS costs are higher than CMYK, on the other hand. Therefore, the custom packaging tray is always there to help you in some way, regardless of the goods.

Packaging Insert Trays Can Be Customized

However, there are a tonne of options available for customizing the boxes. Any type of window is an option for you, including PVC or die-cut windows. 

Additionally, if you want your packing insert trays to radiate extra charm, the covering is a necessity. If you want to create a look that is either lighter or thicker, the matte finish is a great option. The gloss coating, on the other hand, is your best choice if you prefer for your package to have a dazzling, brilliant, and sparkly appearance. Customers appear to strongly prefer this coating.

Additionally, there are numerous foiling options, including gold, silver, rose gold, blue, green, and others, all of which are intended to catch clients’ attention right away. 

If the customer wants the pictures or text on their retail boxes to stand out, another service that can be provided is embossing. On the other hand, if you want the text to be recessed into the material’s surface, utilize the debossing approach. Our customers have access to a large selection of readily available supplementary options.

  • Food Packaging Trays Are Easily Assembled And Stored

The display tray also has the benefit of being able to deliver flat or constructively to the customer’s location. The counters must be placed once it has been fully assembled so that the product may be placed inside. If they are shipped flat, putting them together just takes two or three simple steps. 

Most of these display trays are self-locking, making it simple to make them and flatten them before and after usage. These food packaging trays are incredibly simple to store because of how quickly and easily they can fold down. The display tray may be swiftly folded into a flat surface and stored when not in use, allowing for repeated use. Reusing what you already have is the easiest approach to saving time and money when ordering new items often.

Packaging Tray Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Do you require increased visibility for your goods in a congested market? 

Customers count on shops to provide them with their pricey items in a strong, attractive packaging tray. You may advertise and market your product very effectively by using a personalized tray. They are free to manufacture in any form or style as long as it fits the item. 

These sturdy boxes may be customized to fit your items by being cut to any size. The next thickest product on the market is four times as thick as this paper stock.

When you engage with our business, you can have these sleeves specifically tailored to meet your requirements. By using our straightforward purchasing method, you may increase sales and attract more clients. We place a high focus on the satisfaction of our customers. 

Why Choose Us:

At GoTo Packaging, we place high importance on accommodating our customers’ demands and preferences. We provide free shipping, and it arrives before the deadline. Additionally, we provide free shipping throughout the US. Hire knowledgeable specialists for your paper food Tray Packaging at a reasonable cost. Just describe the packaging specifications you want, and we’ll get to work on making them a reality.


Pizza boxes are typically made from corrugated cardboard, a lightweight and sturdy material that helps retain heat and prevent the pizza from getting soggy. Some boxes may also have a thin layer of wax or a similar coating to enhance moisture resistance.

Most pizza boxes are recyclable, but it’s essential to remove any leftover food, grease, or cheese before recycling. Contaminated boxes can’t be recycled because the grease and food particles can interfere with the recycling process. Check with your local recycling guidelines to ensure proper disposal.

Pizza boxes that are free from contaminants can be composted in facilities that accept cardboard products. However, if the box has a plastic coating or any non-compostable elements, it’s best to remove those parts before composting. Always refer to your local composting guidelines for specific instructions.

Yes, sustainability is one of our main values. Our pizza boxes are constructed from recyclable, environmentally friendly materials.

We are dedicated to quality, creativity, and client happiness as the top manufacturer of custom pizza boxes in the US. When you select us, you are selecting a partner who is committed to the achievement of your company’s goals.

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