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Our custom pre-roll boxes wholesale is also becoming more and more popular because those who run large cannabis businesses are a die-hard fan of our pre roll packaging wholesale.

We at GoTo Packaging can create your pre-roll packaging more attractive by adding enticing features. Our design experts embrace the dull pre-roll boxes by adding great graphical features. We always try to provide pre-roll packaging that will attract the people at first glance. The outer look of pre-roll boxes is a key feature in appreciating the sales.

Moreover, we add innovative designs, eye-catchy color combination hues, attractive features of embossing and debossing, and the eye-captivating coatings to make your pre-roll boxes look lavishing.

You can embrace the pre-roll packaging by putting on beautiful color harmonies. If you have any idea regarding pre-roll packaging, just convey your idea to us, we can implement your imaginative ideas amazingly.

Our experts understand the need for time and help you to generate the desired pre-roll boxes in all luminous look. Now you don’t need to settle your pre-rolls in plain-looking pre-roll boxes when GoTo Packaging proffers a wide range of stylish pre-roll boxes.

Are you passionate about making your brand image and reputation recognizable worldwide? Then you need to add beauty in your pre-roll product boxes along with the safety.
Moreover, our pre-rolled boxes fix your product in place and keep it safe from any damage. We at GoTo Packaging provide you the best pre-roll boxes in your desired color, shapes, size, look, and design.
Our company offers a great range of pre-roll boxes, pre-roll joint boxes, custom pre-roll cones, glass, pre-roll tube, California premium pre-rolled, etc.
Our custom pre-roll packaging will add a grace in your pre-roll product look. However, our boxes help you to stand out in the market with a different identity.

Different Materials Available for Pre-Roll Packaging

We offer eco-friendly materials for your pre-roll packaging. The sustainable material attracts more people to grab the pre-roll product. However, there are some of the best material choices you can pick from our packaging company:

Kraft Material Pre-Roll Packaging

  • Kraft material is enough sturdy material to protect your pre-rolls from the adverse effects of the environment.
    It is a biodegradable and eco-friendly material.
  • Kraft material pre-roll packaging is very lightweight.
  • It is easy to carry kraft pre-roll boxes.
  • The Kraft material pre-roll boxes are sturdy enough to protect the pre-roll products.

Card Stock Material Pre-Roll Packaging

  • The cardstock material pre-roll box is light in weight.
  • The printing options look amazing on the card stock material pre-roll box due to its good texture
  • you can modify the card stock pre-roll box according to your desired shape.
  • The cardstock pre-roll packaging supports local shipments, and you can customize the pre-roll box amazingly.
Corrugated Material Pre-Roll Packaging
  • The corrugated material pre-roll box is thicker than cardstock and kraft material boxes.
  • You can enhance the thickness of the corrugated sheet according to the pre-roll product requirements.
  • The corrugated pre-roll box is good for international shipment.
  • The pre-roll box comprises of liner boards and flutes.
  • You can customize the pre-roll box flutes thickness as we offer different types of flutes from which you can choose.
Rigid Material Pre-Roll Packaging
  • The rigid pre-roll boxes are of a high standard.
  • You can customize these rigid pre-roll boxes to make them look more eye-catching.
  • The rigid material pre-roll box is preferable for international shipments.
  • You can also use the rigid box for luxurious range and for gift pre-roll boxes as well.
Select an Amazing Opening Style for Your Pre-Roll Packaging
  • The opening style feature embraces the outlook of the pre-roll box to make it look more eye-catching. Furthermore, we offer numerous creative ideas for enhancing your pre roll joint packaging outlook.
  • Moreover, you can imprint anything of your choice on the pre-roll packaging, such as you can inscribe pre-roll joints ingredients and usage.
  • However, you can also highlight the pre-roll packaging by adding awesome features to the pre-roll boxes. The following are some of the popular styles you can adopt for your custom pre-roll packaging:


Pre-roll packaging should be intended to retain the potency and efficacy of the cannabis product. We recommend using kraft boxes since they are robust, lightweight, and provide excellent protection for your products.

Yes! We provide child-resistant pre-roll packaging tubes together with all essential documents to assure compliance.

Colors and labels can be added to our pre-roll packaging tubes to make your pre-rolls stand out from the crowd. We not only offer a wide range of conventional colors in-store, but we can also create a Pantone Colour Match to match the needs of your pre-roll company.

We advocate green packaging and employ recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials. Furthermore, our material is long-lasting enough to keep your products protected.

Yes! Our pre-roll packaging options are all value-priced, so the more you buy, the more you save. For rates on pre-roll packaging amounts other than those listed on the website, contact your sales representative.

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