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Bottle Boxes

When it comes to displaying your bottled products in an elegant manner and making sure that the bottles arrive at their destination safely, our Premium Bottle Box Collection should be of great interest to you. Paying great attention to the details, our collection includes various luxury packaging solutions allowing your brand name to be visible while providing extra protection for bottles.

Custom Printed 1 Oz. Bottle Boxes

Elegant Premium Bottle Box Collection Packaging Solutions


Our bottle boxes are far more than storage containers; they’re a demonstration of luxury and virtuosic artisanship. Quality materials are used to create each box with precision and attention to detail such that it endures over a specific period of time. It does not matter if you are bottling wine, spirits, oils, or any other liquid product; as our variety featuring a broad range of products will assist in meeting your needs.

We know how much you have to impress your customers and therefore we offer bottle boxes that are made to represent every ounce of beauty. Our collection includes minimalistic ultra-modern designs and is equal to decorative luxurious varieties for those who are looking for one.

Not only do our bottle boxes create a better outlook for your products, but also give you a service to use. Our packaging solutions include secure closures, cushioned interiors, and customizable inserts among others so you rest assured that your bottles are intact during the shipment process.

High-Quality Material Choices for Bottle Boxes

To customize your needs and preferences in need of a suitable design, GoTo Packaging has vast material options for bottle boxes. Almost regardless of which business goal you focus on and whether your primary concerns are sustainability, durability, or luxury presentation – we have the ideal solution to give you better product packaging that will stay with every customer after the purchase.


A sturdy and durable packaging option for different bottled products that are made of cardboard bottle boxes is available. It is the structure of lightweight and durable so it ensures security during transportation and handling. Customized printing is essential to cardboard boxes because it allows them to meet your branding needs, thus rendering them the best fit for presenting one’s products.


Bottle boxes made from Kraft are one of the dominant eco-friendly packaging solutions that serve mankind since they originate from recycled materials. Kraft boxes are recognized for their natural look and their raspy material that comes across as rustic, adding to the organic appeal of your product packaging. They can withstand tearing and are environmentally friendly by virtue of decomposing into biological materials and, furthermore, being recyclable which aligns with the principle of sustainable packaging.

Choose Any Bottle Box Style

The traditional box styles available with custom-printed bottle boxes are corrugated, Kraft, and cardboard stock. These sets include retail boxes, shipping boxes, gift boxes, etc. All types of boxes that one needs are obtainable from this service. We have a variety of box designs to meet your needs.

Two-Piece Bottle Boxes

The first set of bottle boxes available are Two-Piece Boxes. This box contains two just like the bottle carriage part is first while the second one is its cover. Basically, this type of box style is for elegant wine and other beverage packages. But, it can be used as a custom although this would not appear to water bottle. By placing your bottled product in this box, you keep it safe and also have an excellent look.

Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes

The second confinement variety  GoTo Packaging provides for your bottles is monotonic bottom boxes. The auto-lock bottom mechanism gives them a sturdy nature and has the power to carry more of the force of gravity. 

Wine Bottle with Handle

This is a type of box that can be categorized in the area of everyday utilization with respect to bottles. Typically all regular wines and beers come with the boxes, because of their composition. They have a grip on the top side and provide an aid to your clients in transporting them. In addition, these boxes are the best protectors of bottles drawn from the fact that their material is tough.

Explore Our Bottle Box Category 

We provide the Bottle Boxes category to meet different needs, using this type of packaging you will keep your bottles protected and stylish.

1 Oz. Bottle Boxes

Our 1 oz. Bottle Boxes are ideal for small samples or travel-sized products and provide a compact, secure packaging solution Regardless of whether it’s essential oils perfumes, or small bottles that need to be packaged, our boxes will do the job adequately.

2 Oz. Bottle Boxes

Our 2 oz, Bottle Boxes are slightly larger than our 1oz. boxes and fills a need for products that require more space. Some of the different types that these cartons are able to entrap range from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals among other bottle types.

10ml Bottle Boxes

Ready to suit those who are searching for packaging services for 10ml bottles, our specialized 10ml Bottle Box fits perfectly. In addition to precise dimensions, such boxes are built strong and provide the utmost protection for your products on their trip as well as in storage.

20ml Bottle Boxes

Slighter than the 10ml boxes, our 20ml Bottle boxes are big enough to hold your product but still small enough to make it appear very elegant. It does not matter what phlegms, crèmes, or other liquids you are packaging – these boxes can stand up to the task.

100ml Bottle Boxes

Our 100ml Bottle Boxes are bigger because they are made with the specific purpose of carrying larger bottles that require maximum protection and longevity. Reinforced construction and secure closures make these boxes a suitable packaging solution for marketing various services, and products such as skincare items, etc.

120ml Bottle Boxes

If your product requires just a little bit more space, check out our 120ml Bottle Boxes. Whether it is hair care products, cosmetics boxes, chemicals, or specialty beverages these boxes provide the specialized size and security needed.

220ml Bottle Boxes

The 220 ml Bottle Boxes have a medium amount of space and portability for midsized bottles. Whether you are submitting them into aromatic oils or in the form of wrap-up goods these cardboard boxes make sure that your products reach safely to the customer.

300ml Bottle Boxes

Our 300ml Bottle Boxes are more than sufficient for large bottles, so they would definitely be a good choice. Because of their solid construction and ironclad closures, these boxes prove ideal when it is needed to pack numerous types of liquid products.

350ml Bottle Boxes

Our 350ml Bottle Boxes are just a bit bigger than our 300ml boxes but with larger capacity without compromising on strength. For the people who are packaging drinks or cleaning products, these boxes will be able to do it right.

Choice of Specific Add-Ons for the Bottle Boxes

We customize everything for you. Therefore, in our custom bottle packaging boxes, we provide the option of designing the outsides of your boxes and also the add-ons that you may desire to get on them. In our concentrate, you receive two kinds of coatings.


This layer makes the box reflect light. It is a reflection on your box which we stick to the outer surface of your packages, and then it gives light reflections on them.


This coating might give a shadow appearance to your box which looks catchy. We stick a matte layer on your box that looks very solid.

Why Us:

Are you ready to elevate your packaging strategy? Find suitable packaging for your products in our wide range of Bottle Boxes today. Your bottles will be perfectly safe while packing, thanks to the GoTo Packaging system as they will make a statement on their own.



Our Bottle Boxes are designed to fit various bottle sizes, including 1 Oz., 100ml, 10ml, 120ml, 2 Oz., 20ml, 220ml, 300ml, and 350ml bottles. We have bottle boxes to cater for the smallest vials of product to larger boxes depending on your product choice.

Our sturdy constructed Bottle Boxes that offer you a highly resilient design prevent valuable items from getting damaged during transport. No matter if the product is a small 1 Oz. bottle type or a strong 350ml box packing, we have the boxing suitable for shipping safety and protection.

Absolutely! We offer a corresponding selection for our Bottle Boxes and you will get a chance to do your brand identity in an opportune way. Whatever molding size you need for skincare bottles or canned beverages, we can customize the design to fit your brand identity.

Absolutely, the price for several pieces of Bottle Boxes is worth competing. We can offer multiple options for packaging and this will come at discounted rates when you purchase bulk quantities for your brand’s bottles ranging from 10ml bottles to 300ml bottles.

Our eco-friendly packaging is one of our top priorities. Our Bottle Boxes are out of recyclable materials which means low environmental impact. Whether you’re on the lookout for a 120ml bottle to 20ml bottle eco-friendly package, you can rest assured that our environment-friendly choices are up to the task of meeting your sustainability goals.

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