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Learn How To Design Stickers & Labels And Their Uses In Packaging

Stickers and labels can really up your packaging game. However, they need to be designed and used properly to enjoy their full benefits. This article will discuss in detail various aspects of designing stickers & labels for your packaging. In addition, it will also discuss their uses in packaging. 

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Pro Tips For Designing Stickers and Labels

Now that you know how stickers and labels can benefit your marketing campaigns, it’s time to design a product that accurately represents your business.

Before you dive in headfirst, take a sec to think about the following things. That way, when you finally start using these tools, your strategy won’t be all over the place.

1. Format

Depending on the application and quantity, stickers and labels come in different formats, such as cut-to-size, roll, die-cut, or sheets. We recommend roll sticker format for large volume applications because they can be quickly applied with an automatic label applicator.

2. Brand Identity

A lot of companies believe that a logo is all they require to make their business unique. While logos are crucial for branding, they’re just one element of the larger picture. Your brand identity includes many different elements:

Message – The words you use on your stickers and labels are just as crucial as the visual design. A short word can sometimes express more effectively than a long sentence. On the other hand, not having any text to go along with the design might work too.

Logo – People will usually remember a logo before they remember anything else about a product. Therefore, it’s important that your business’ logo is memorable and easily associated with positive experiences. Since logos are often one of the most exposed parts of branding, it’s essential to have consistency whether you’re using the logo on a banner or sticker.

Typography – Typography, like colors, should be complementary in order to create a consistent brand identity. In some cases, fonts can be used to craft recognizable logos that last for years. For example, Disney and Coca-Cola have both done this effectively. If you prefer using multiple fonts, however, keep the best typeface combinations in mind.

Colors – Developing your brand’s color palette is both a science and an art. Some colors will work better with your brand than others. A decent starting point is to select three colors (Google being the exception by utilizing four). After you’ve selected your primary colors, select the tints, shades, and tones that best complement them. If you’re unsure of which colors to use, The Psychology of Color will give you an idea of what palette is ideal for your brand.

3. Printing Requirements

Before you begin design work, make sure to understand the technical specifications required by your chosen online printing company. This includes image resolution, color mode (CMYK is preferable), and safety & bleed lines. By being aware of these requirements from the start, you can save yourself time and hassle later on.

4. Placement

The size of your stickers and labels will be impacted by where you plan to put them. Car stickers, for example, need to be large enough to still be visible even when the car is in motion. You’ll want to make sure that your design is waterproof so the colors won’t run in the rain. In this case, white vinyl is an excellent choice because it’s weather-resistant and perfect for water bottle labels.

Design Tools to Use

One of the benefits of creating custom labels and stickers is that you don’t require a design background to make amazing artwork. These software programs can help you rapidly develop designs:

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe will help your designer create unique and professional-looking artwork, giving you peace of mind. With Adobe, you can edit images to make them look polished, as well as build an exclusive color palette for your project. In addition to shapes, you can also use textures in your design to make it pop. Adobe Creative Suite is a paid program, like Microsoft Word. Although the investment may be significant for your business, this design tool guarantees professionally looking stickers and labels.

Microsoft Word

This word-processing software has capabilities beyond writing. You can find various sticker and label templates online that you can design for free using PDF (our recommended file format). Although the MS Word templates are gratis, you need a subscription to access all features.

Why Are Labels And Stickers Useful For Packaging?

Stickers and labels serve many purposes. They can function as a decorative way to build stronger branding, or they can communicate important information like ‘Handle with care’ or ‘Fragile.’

Informational labels are often seen on the exterior of boxes, and customers will take notice of them before they even begin to unpack.

Decorative stickers are often used inside packaging, for example, to keep tissue wrapping in place or as an extra touch.

They Increase Marketing Value

Stickers and labels are a great way to make a good first impression with your customers.

If you want your customers to have a five-star unboxing experience, then implementing this solution is a no-brainer.

Artwork stickers with your designs and logos create an authentic feel, or you can choose to leave a fun, personalized message.

Your products’ value can skyrocket–and customers will have more fun using them– when you add stickers and labels that represent your brand. Marketing experts agree that investing in customized sticker printing is one of the best decisions a small business owner can make.

They Can Help With Shipping

Stickers and labels don’t just look pretty- they’re also practical for your shipping process. Barcodes, warnings, and other types of labels tell shipping operators how to best take care of your product during transport.

Why not give your shipping labels a bit more importance since they play such a crucial role in the shipping process? After all, it is because of them that your customers receive their products.

By creating custom shipping labels, you’re adding a personal touch to your customer’s experience while also maintaining functionality.

By seamless, we mean that your customers won’t even realize they’re looking at a shipping label.

They Help Convey Information

If you need to make sure that your packaging gets seen and read, stickers or labels may be the solution for you.

You can design product stickers that reflect your brand and simultaneously communicate key information about the item.

Make your product stand out from the competition by providing a competitive advantage, such as price. Put a sticker on it and let your customers know!

Although it may appear to be negative, conveying warnings about your product actually bolsters your brand’s credibility.

If you’re honest with your customers from the beginning, they will be more likely to trust and respect your brand, which will improve its reputation.

They Make Communication Easier

The stickers and labels on your product packaging can say a lot to customers about your brand. You can use them to communicate the level of care you put into the packaging experience or simply provide information about the product itself. Either way, there is a lot of potential when it comes to conveying messages with these tools.

Stickers and labels are an impactful and easy way to add to your brand story. Some of the messaging are more subtle, while other stickers communicate what your company represents and how customers can get optimal enjoyment from using your products.

Printing Your Own Labels vs. Professional Printing

There are a few ways to approach label and sticker printing. If you’re not shipping large volumes of packages or shipping is irregular, you can print your own labels. You might need a specific type of printer for it, but it’s possible.

Remember that if you’re trying to print everything yourself, it can be very time-consuming and use a lot of ink!

Although printing labels and stickers at home might seem like it would save you money, it probably won’t end up doing so in the long term.

In this case, it is an excellent idea to use a professional sticker and label printer! You will be able to reduce time and conserve resources while also getting high-quality printing results.

You’ll also get a bulk discount for purchasing large quantities, which saves you money in the long term. In addition, you’ll receive professional guidance to help you ensure your labels and stickers are the best possible fit for your product.

If you want high-quality, long-lasting stickers and labels, working with a professional printer is your best bet. They’ll have plenty of options in terms of design and finishing that will help make your products pop and leave a good impression.

GoTo Packaging – One-Stop Shop For All Your Stickers & Labels Needs

GoTo Packaging can help you out with your stickers and labels. We offer custom stickers and custom labels that can be personalized as per your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more about our services and to book your order!

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