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Here’s Why Stickers Are Recommended For Your Brand!

The adage goes that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you sure can tell quite a bit about the person who owns said book based on the stickers they add to it. Placing a sticker on something requires somebody to get over any commitment issues they might have, even if it’s just slightly. When someone takes the time to put a sticker somewhere, it shows that they’re at least somewhat invested in what the sticker represents. 

Investing in custom stickers is a great way to promote your brand.

Imagine that you’re a skeptic; you may be wondering why your brand should bother creating custom stickers. Many may see custom sticker branding as a passing trend among millennials, similar to avocado toast. And while that’s valid, it’s also quite obvious (literally neon sign flashing) that custom stickers could be great for your brand. Let’s explore the top ten reasons why custom stickers are your brand’s new best friend:

Double Up As Packaging Tape 

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone has ordered from Amazon at some point. But have you noticed that all Amazon packages have either the Amazon arrow or the Amazon arrow smile on them?

Customers get excited when they see your stickers on their packages because it tells them that their stuff has arrived. This connection is made in their brains, and it breeds excitement. By using stickers on your packaging, your brand can create this same effect with your customers.

They Are Fun 

Do you know what people love as much as gifts? Fun! Putting stickers on your gifted items is a great way to let the recipient know that they are in for a fun time. Stickers let customers connect your brand to positivity and happiness. According to the “Fun Companies’ Rule Book” on page 34, this is an accurate statement. (Note: This book does not actually exist.)

Can Be Used As Gifts

A present is always welcome, but a custom sticker is an ideal gift for that friend who has almost everything. Stickers can also represent something special when they’re given as presents. A sticker is not only a great way to commemorate a special memory, but it can also inspire the person receiving it. 

Stickers not only show others that we support something but also make us feel like we’re part of a community. Who doesn’t love feeling included and receiving presents? Giving stickers is a great way to promote your brand and make people happy. Your stickers will make great gifts, and we promise you’ll be thanked later.

They Offer Instant Branding 

People love stickers because they provide instant free advertising. They’ll put them on anything, from water bottles to laptops, phone cases, suitcases, books, and even cars!

You can bet this is the quickest and simplest branding strategy you will ever come across. In less time than it takes to say, “Wow, that’s pretty incredible!” your business or organization won’t have to lift a finger.

Not only that, but it’s also brand awareness that doesn’t cost very much or require a lot of effort. For example, you give one person a sticker, and they put it on their laptop.

The potential for extra eyes on your brand is great when you consider that, in just an hour or so sitting in a coffee shop with their laptop, 50 people could see your sticker.

Advertisements are costly and often stationary. Custom stickers, however, are not only more affordable but move with the user. In other words: your potential customers. With this logic, it’s easy to see why custom stickers are a wise investment for any business owner looking for unique advertising options.

They Can Help You Wil Deals 

Stickers may not seem like they could be important for your business, but die-cut stickers – stickers cut into unique shapes – can really make a difference.

We’re not just saying this to sound impressive–we have firsthand experience. We scored a huge deal by handing out our branded dinosaur-shaped stickers during an important sales meeting.

By giving out die-cut stickers to potential clients, you will make their decision an easy one.

Easily Brand Any Product 

Gone are the days of donning a company’s logo tee on casual Fridays–now it’s all about innovative marketing methods, like stickers on laptops and water bottles. In 2020, brands were stepping up their game with more modernized strategies.

When was the last time you saw a laptop or water bottle that wasn’t covered in stickers? There’s usually at least one sticker there, but more often than not, the surface area is completely covered. When it comes to stickers, though, less isn’t necessarily more.

By creating stickers, your brand is giving customers a new way to express themselves. You’re saying, “Express yo’self. That’s what all the cool kids are doing.”

Help You Customize 

Promote your brand by adding one of your own stickers next to the Jason’s Deli sticker when you’re delivering food to a client location. As we all know, it’s the small details that matter most.

Get creative with your stickers! They can be placed on top of donut boxes, cupcakes, boxed lunches, pizza boxes, and more. And remember: use your sticker to seal the food packaging. If the box gets left in the breakroom, you want to make sure that branded sticker is intact and displayed in all its glory!

Ideal Seal 

By including a sticker on all mailed correspondence, you provide recipients with a simple but valuable extra. The details matter, and there’s nothing that makes an envelope look better than a circle seal – it elevates the brand experience entirely.

Small changes like this go a long way. Your customers might even want to join in on the fun and use your stickers to seal their mail!

Cost-Effective Yet Have A Huge Impact 

Stickers have always been a playground currency, and this is why it’s still relevant today. If you want to make a new friend, send them one of our stickers! They’re free of charge, and we would be more than happy to mail one (or multiple) your way. All you have to do is provide us with your mailing address via message. Get sticker happy today!


GoTo Packaging provides an exceptional product and customer service experience by often including additional freebies. Receiving high-quality stickers with your brand’s logo is great, but receiving extras is the icing on the cake.

If you’re still not convinced that stickers are worth your time and money, then I don’t know what else to say. But if you ARE on board with the idea of using stickers for marketing or personal use, then let me tell you where the best place to get them is. We’ve tried out all of the sticker companies in existence, but our favorite by far is…GoTo Packaging. 

GoTo Packaging – Your GoTo Spot For Stickers

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Invest in custom stickers from GoTo Packaging! Stickers are a unique way to show off your personality, regardless if you’re an individual or representing a larger organization.

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