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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Boxes For Small Businesses 

Your eCommerce brand has direct contact with the customer only when they receive the package and unbox it.

By using personalized packaging, you create a bond with your customer that will last forever. They will never forget the time they had opening up your box and discovering what was inside.

Investing in custom boxes is one way to make your small business stand out. You can choose eco-friendly options, highly branded experiences, or something completely personalized for your customers.

If you’re a small brand, utilizing custom packaging is a great way to make a big impression. Keep reading to see our top tips and best practices.

What Are Custom Boxes?

Custom boxes are a way for small businesses to make a great first impression on their customers. By elevating the unboxing experience with custom dimensions, colors, labels, and messaging, custom packaging can be seen as an extension of a brand.

Opting for custom packaging is a great opportunity to reflect your brand’s values to consumers, such as using eco-friendly materials if you’re an environmentally-conscious business.

If products are fragile or need to stay a certain way during the shipping process, custom packaging is sometimes the only way to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

Why Small Businesses Should Use Custom Boxes!

A custom packaging solution is essential for any small business in today’s dynamic and competitive market.

Not only are high-quality custom packaging boxes a great container for your product, but they also offer multiple benefits.

If you own a small business, here are a few reasons to start using custom boxes and packaging today:

  • Deliver Better Product Protection
  • First Impressions Matter, So Make Yours Count!
  • Capture Your Brand’s Essence
  • Be Unique
  • Enhance The Perceived Value Of Your Products
  • Deliver Better Customer Experience To Create Loyal Clientele
  • Focus On Being Eco-Friendly
  • Become Viral On Social Media

Deliver Better Product Protection

Custom packaging is a unique way to ensure your product arrives safely and is made just for your product. Not to mention, it’s an excellent marketing tool that promotes your company values.

In order to guarantee your products are safe during shipping, you may use custom inserts or packaging inserts. These inlays help keep your products secure inside their box or carton.

Not only do custom inserts or packaging inserts ensure that your products are secure in their box, but they also add an extra layer of protection. You may use the best and most durable boxes or cartons to pack your products for shipping, but with a custom insert, you can be sure that your product will arrive safe and sound.

First Impressions Matter, So Make Yours Count!

With so many products and companies vying for attention, making your brand stand out can be tough. But a strong first impression can help you cut through the clutter.

We, as people, tend to be naturally visual, and because of this, we store information by how we see it. Consequently, not only does appealing brand packaging manage to grab attention, but it also holds onto it.

Additionally, people will remember the retailers who deliver their purchases in nicer packaging than other stores. So give your customers something to remember you by!

When your customers open their shipment and see a unique packaging design, they’ll remember your brand and be more likely to make future purchase decisions with you.

A great unboxing experience will keep customers coming back for more.

Capture Your Brand’s Essence

Your packaging should accurately reflect your brand image. For a delicate aesthetic, go for custom labels, tape, colors, stickers, and box designs.

If your brand looks rugged, use corrugated boxes with primary colors and bold designs.

If you’re not confident in your design skills, consider working with one or more design contractors. To get started, try sites like Twine, Fiverr, and Upwork. Once you have your designs ready, double-check that they meet the following printing specifications: a resolution of 300DPI or higher and saved as a vector file.

Be Unique

Your branding and marketing plans will safely skyrocket when you add custom boxes to the mix. Your customers’ attention will be grabbed by your unique, full-color printing with your brand name and logo, much more so than retail packaging. Use this chance to gain an even stronger foothold for your brand.

Enhance The Perceived Value Of Your Products

According to a study, 61% of shoppers said that premium packaging makes a brand appear more luxurious. Therefore, investing in upgraded shipping and packaging can improve how customers perceive your business as a whole.

Good packaging can make customers more thrilled about a company, with 49% of shoppers admitting as much.

Deliver Better Customer Experience To Create Loyal Clientele

44% of shoppers feel that when a product’s packaging looks luxurious, it makes them trust the price they paid for the item.

These types of customers are less likely to have second thoughts about their purchase, which means they’re more inclined to buy from you again and recommend your business to others.

Focus On Being Eco-Friendly

A quarter of consumers say they’re going to start caring about environmental issues more and will think about social responsibility when making purchasing decisions, reports McKinsey.

83% of shoppers would rather invest in companies that share their values and buy from them as a show of support instead of shunning those whose practices they disagree with.

In other words, people will keep buying stuff from the internet to be eco-friendly.

More and more businesses are beginning to see the advantages of using eco-friendly packaging. This means that they only use elements in their design and packing materials that won’t damage the environment. Of course, this sustainability practice holds true for luxury packaging as well!

By picking out only recyclable and biodegradable packaging that you can customize to fit your brand, you’re able to develop an eco-friendly product packaging strategy.

Become Viral On Social Media

By investing in custom packaging, you’re not only protecting your product but also gaining potential social media followers. These days, especially on Instagram, people love to see creative and unique packaging.

Create hashtags for your brand and print them on your boxes, then share pictures of customers posing with your beautiful packaging.

Adding custom packaging with your brand’s colors, name, and logo is an excellent way to make people remember your company.

10 Most Common Types Of Custom Boxes For Small Businesses

If you own a small business, picking the right type of custom packaging is vital to your success.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most common types of packaging.

1. Corrugated Boxes

The most commonly seen type of shipping box is the corrugated box, also called a regular slotted container or RSC. They’re made from 32ECT kraft paper and are very strong and durable.

The features of corrugated boxes include the following, they are simple to construct and easily collapsible, making them very economical. Additionally, it gives a uniform finish to the package with little manufacturing waste in production. This makes it perfect for accommodating products of different sizes based on the length of flaps used.

2. Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are, as the name would indicate, made of paper. This paper is sturdy but light and comes from either recycled waste or wood pulp.

You can fold these sheets into boxes or cut them into shapes and designs to match the dimensions of your product.

3. Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are the perfect way to show off luxury products. These premium boxes are strong and offer great protection for your product.

Having these boxes as part of your packaging will give your customers a unique unboxing experience that will increase your brand values and create brand awareness.

Depending on the size and type of products you need to package, you can use custom-designed inserts to securely hold your items inside your box.

Custom inserts give your unboxing experience a touch of luxury while securing your products in the box at the same time.

4. Plastic Mailers

Custom poly mailers are a fantastic eco-friendly packaging option. Polyethylene, the plastic it is made from, is actually quite environmentally friendly. Its bio-based composition helps reduce carbon emissions while also being more biodegradable than regular polyethylene.

This material is ideal for any project that requires a durable, lightweight material. It is tear and temper-resistant, as well as completely waterproof.

5. Paper Mailers

Paper mailers are an ideal choice for small businesses looking for a lightweight, eco-friendly option to sell their products.

Paper mailers printed with sharp, digitally-printed colors give a luxurious feel that can be customized to match your brand’s aesthetics. They’re a great option for the apparel industry.

Small items or multiple products? No problem! Paper mailers provide a great unboxing experience and are ideal for shipping.

6. Poly Bags

Poly bags and poly mailers are environmentally friendly and excellent for soft items or apparel that need to be shipped.

Poly mailer bags have a smooth exterior, making it easy to label your shipments. They are also tearproof, tamperproof, and waterproof, ensuring the safety of your non-fragile products. In addition, you can customize the poly mailer bags with the design and logo of your choice.

7. Foil-Sealed Bags

Foil-sealed bags keep food fresh and lock in flavor.

8. Bottle & Cap Packaging

Bottle and cap packaging is the best way to package liquids. Eco-friendly packaging is important, and glass bottles are a great way to package liquids without harming the environment.

You have a multitude of choices for packing caps available, such as:

Cork stoppers

Glass closures

Metal caps


Child-resistant caps

9. Jute Packages

Jute packaging is an excellent, environmentally friendly option for dry foods such as wheat, rice, coffee beans, potatoes, and onions.

Jute is not only one of the oldest packaging forms but also one of the most durable. Jute packages last longer, have natural ventilation to protect against mold and mildew and prevent damage to packaged products.

10. Dunnage Packages

Extra padding and security during the shipment process are essential for some items, which is where dunnage packaging comes into play. Many types of dunnage products are available, from bubble wraps to honeycomb kraft paper.

Dunnage packaging acts as a buffer for products and stops them from being damaged during transport.

3 Questions To Answer Before Designing Custom Boxes For Your Small Business

Aesthetics are vital for any custom packaging, but it’s crucial to think about your audience first and foremost. Other things to consider before designing custom boxes include the size and shape of your product.

Before designing customized packaging for your small business, here are three questions to consider.

Who Are Your Customers?

What type of packaging does your target market prefer: luxurious and glamorous or more homey and down-to-earth?

For instance, Man Crates ships its products in a crate that requires a crowbar to open. If you focus on your customers, you’ll be able to choose color schemes and imagery that best market to your audience.

What Is Your Product, And How Is It Shaped?

Some products on the market have funny shapes, so you’ll want to be sure they’re packaged securely.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to find the ideal combination of box size, shape, and security for your needs. And if you have specific desires like a custom size or unique style, go for it! There are plenty of creative packaging options available when it comes to custom boxes.

Keep in mind that deviating from standard packaging could jeopardize the safety of your products, especially if they are breakable. Instead, find a happy trade-off between an innovative design and secure shipping.

How Fragile Is Your Product?

The type of packaging is important when shipping delicate items, as different materials protect against breaking during transit.

Keep your products secure by adding extra layers of protection, like air-fill or other dunnage.

Shipping Boxes & Mailer Boxes 

The two main types of packaging that are famous are shipping boxes and mailers. Mailer boxes are perfect for safeguarding skincare, jewelry, and other diminutive items. On the other hand, larger objects like appliances and kitchenware should be wrapped securely in shipping boxes that better fit their size.

If you’re looking to add extra padding to your packaging, cheaper options like crinkle paper, air-fill, or bubble wrap can be a great way to do so. However, if you have the budget for it, custom-fitted inserts are always the best option in terms of keeping your products secure.

Your customers don’t need to receive their purchase in an unnecessarily large box, bloated with pages of bubble wrap.

Make sure you’re using the right packaging for each product to avoid wasting material and increasing shipping and logistics costs.

Custom Boxes For Small Businesses – Conclusion

Custom packaging is a fantastic way to promote your brand and increase customer loyalty. By focusing on your target market and the type of product you’re selling, you can design packaging that’s not only attractive but also functional.

Custom boxes for small businesses can help them easily market their brand while helping them to generate more sales. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today, and let’s create incredible custom boxes for your business!

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